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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions – January 29, 2017 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

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For the WWE, the Royal Rumble is an everlasting chance to tamper with storylines, and start the annual Road to Wrestlemania. The 2017 version of the year’s inaugural pay-per-view will be precisely that, with one of the most big-name peppered Royal Rumble matches in history main eventing the four-hour show. Not to mention an unprecedented three women’s matches. It’s all set to take place Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. A special two-hour Kickoff Show starts at 5 p.m. ET, featuring guest The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.


Raw Tag Team Championship (Kickoff Match)
Cesaro & Sheamus (c) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The action between Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus, and challengers Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson has grown so wild and out of control, that two referees will be assigned to this Sunday’s title rematch on the Royal Rumble Kickoff.

Gallows and Anderson are beginning to rebound from their stupid comedy shtick, and this is a chance for the WWE to have them come out on top of capable wrestlers for the straps, as well as build some momentum heading into April. With Sheamus and Cesaro both scheduled for the Royal Rumble match later in the night, we could see them losing the titles, leading to them splitting up as a tag team and feuding in the battle royale.

Winner: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson


Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax (Kickoff Match)

After weeks of dishing out pain, Nia Jax may have “broken The Boss,” but Sasha Banks won’t stay shattered for long as the two are set to clash on the special two-hour Royal Rumble Kickoff, this Sunday on the WWE Network

With this match not even being a part of the main show, and Banks having her injuries as a built-in excuse, there’s not a great deal of reason to believe she will go over here. In my opinion, I’m expecting an odd finish that results in continuing this feud over the next two months, which results in Banks earning herself a chance against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania.

Winner: Nia Jax


Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Natalya (Kickoff Match)

Several personal conflicts will come to a head when Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch & Naomi, square off against SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Mickie James & Natalya on the Royal Rumble Kickoff.

Being that the axis of Smartasses Magazine is Female Empowerment, I cannot help but be a big fan of what the WWE has done with its Women’s Division over the last year, but one has to admit, splitting the roster has not been good for some of the performers. With that said, this match really serves as little more than an opportunity to give Mickie James a cheap pin, and thusly, shower her with some praise for returning to the evil empire.

Winner: Alexa Bliss, Mickie James & Natalya


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Cruiserweight Championship
Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville

Neville will finally have his opportunity to officially claim his title of The King of the Cruiserweights when he challenges Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight Championship at the 2017 Royal Rumble.

Neville has been a fantastic addition to the Cruiserweight division so far, and his recent heel turn makes him the perfect person to carry the division while everyone tries to take him down. However, this does not sit well with Swann’s girlfriend, the Wrestling Goddess and former Smartasses Radio co-host that is Su Yung, therefore, it doesn’t with us either.

Winner: Rich Swann


Raw Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Bayley

During the 2016 campaign, Bayley has proved to be a thorn in the side of the Raw Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. At the first pay-per-view of 2017, the Royal Rumble, The Huggable One looks to turn her success against The Queen into championship glory.

It’s definitely far too early for Bayley to win the Raw Women’s Title. Which means, the WWE is going to drag this feud on into Wrestlemania 33. Not to mention, the WWE has been promoting Charlotte as having a perfect 15-0 record defending the women’s title at pay-per-views, so it would make little sense to have that come to an end at the Rumble when it could happen at Mania.

Winner: Charlotte Flair


World Championship
AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena

John Cena’s historic chase for his sixteenth World Title continues Sunday, when he challenges WWE Champion AJ Styles at Royal Rumble 2017.

Styles was the best thing that happened to the company in 2016, and the last encounter between these two at Summerslam was chosen by many fans in the universe as the 2016 match of the year. The WWE will be looking to build off of that, and attempt to put on another classic. With that in mind, Cena has finally returned to the WWE full-time and appears to be rejuvenated, which bodes well for him winning the title and tying Ric Flair’s record. But isn’t it better to do that in a rematch at Wrestlemania?

Winner: AJ Styles


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Universal Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns

Chris Jericho will be locked inside a shark cage, when Roman Reigns challenges the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, in a No Disqualification Match at the Royal Rumble.

These two combatants put on a very good bout at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line and will be facing off again, with Chris Jericho suspended above the ring in a shark cage. Whether Jericho gets out of the cage to help Reigns, or if he never does is of little importance. Either way, KO finds a way to win and winds up facing the Royal Rumble winner at WrestleMania.

Winner: Kevin Owens


30 Man Royal Rumble Match

It will be friend vs. friend, foe vs. foe, and every man for himself when the 30 Superstar Royal Rumble Match returns to the WWE Network on Sunday, with the winner going on to the main event of WrestleMania.

The WWE has done a great job of building up this Royal Rumble with some very serious star power. It seems clear that Braun Strowman will be the dominant performer in the match, though a big showdown with Big Show will probably be his undoing. Similarly, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will result in each other’s eliminations, and Triple H and Seth Rollins have to be involved somehow, right? But for me, though it seems too obvious, it all boils down to why would the WWE put The Undertaker in this match, only to be eliminated?

Winner: Undertaker
Most Eliminations: Braun Strowman
Ironman: Samoa Joe


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