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WWE Night Of Champions 2013 Predictions – September 15, 2013 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

WWE Night Of Champions 2013 Predictions | Pay Per View Predictions – SA Magazine

When the WWE announced Night Of Champions, fans began eagerly guessing what matches might take place. Finally, its official, Nights of Champions will go live on September 15th, Sunday at 8 Pm Eastern time from Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, and Daniel Bryan will look to reclaim his stolen WWE Championship from the new ‘face of the company’ Randy Orton. Additionally, will Natalya grab gold as many are predicting after AJ Lee’s Pipe Bomb? Or will Miss Lee be a long running champ as I have predicted all along?


Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Turmoil Winners vs The Shield (c)

The pre-show match will be the Real Americans vs The Usos vs 3MB vs Tons of Funk vs the Prime Time Players to determine who will be the number one contender, and face The Shield for the Tag Team Titles. Since no one on Earth can imagine any of these teams actually winning the titles, it’s basically some wild pre-show fun to see who will do the deed to Rollins and Reigns. Though having 3MB win could be fun, just to get to that ever-elusive Freebird rule we thought we would get when The Shield won in the first place. That notwithstanding, the logical choices here are the Usos or PTP’s since both have been on TV lately seemingly more than the others, so I suppose either of those teams making it to the pay-per-view is logical. Either way, this is just a match to buy time until The Shield goes up against Big Show and Mark Henry, which is all but inevitable.

Winner: The Shield retains over The PTP’s


Divas Championship
Naomi vs Brie Bella vs Natalya vs AJ Lee (c)

WWE Night Of Champions 2013 Predictions - AJ LeeWhat direction does the WWE go here? Give it to Brie or Naomi since they’re on Total Divas, and make it a part of the E! Network reality show? Nah… the show’s taped and breaks kayfabe, so that makes no sense… for that reason at least. Give it to Natalya, so she can prove that she’s a true wrestler who did indeed work her butt off, and isn’t in the WWE just because of her family name? Seems to be the popular consensus. Most think maybe that that’s what was supposed to happen… but that the WWE didn’t realize that AJ’s pipe bomb was the lightning in a bottle that fans wanted to hear, and it endeared her to the fans as opposed to bringing her heat. Their guess is that AJ’s vocal shoot was designed so you would cheer like crazy when Nattie took the belt from her this Sunday. To this I say, “Come on people… the WWE creative team isn’t stupid.” They knew exactly how to get AJ Lee back in your hearts in one fell swoop. So the question is… does Vince give us what we want and have AJ retain the Divas title? Does he give us what we don’t want to make it that much sweeter later? Or… does he take it a step further and screw AJ so that she can do an official face-turn, and give herself and Daniel Bryan something in common again? Are ya with me now? If Randy Orton is the face of the men’s division, logic would indicate that the evil McMahons also want a Total Divas hottie to be the face of the Women’s division… and Naomi isn’t enough of a heel yet.

Winner: Brie Bella


World Heavyweight Championship
Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio (c)

So, having a BS title in TNA was worth leaving over, so no-job-Rob could have a chance at (what has become) a BS title in WWE? Makes sense. The other thing that makes no sense, is the pairing of Ricardo Rodriguez with Rob Van Dam. It makes so little sense in fact, that it leads one to believe a swerve is ensuing, and that Ricardo will turn on RVD at some point Sunday Night to help Alberto Del Rio retain the gold… with one exception — those types of swerves usually only happen when one is going after a belt. Swerves don’t occur to help someone retain it. No, unfortunately, WWE just realized Rob needed a mouthpiece (not sure Ricardo is much better on the mike, to be honest) and that they also needed a story. That’s it, nothing more. Maybe one day WWE will realize that we’d watch RVD versus ADR just because it’s a good match, and that we don’t really a storyline in order to string us along and sell it.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


United States Title
Dean Ambrose (c) vs Dolf Ziggler


Winner: Ambrose


Handicap Elimination Match
CM Punk vs Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman

CM Punk is determined to get his hands on Paul Heyman at Night of Champions if it’s the last thing he does. So obsessed is ‘The Best In The World’ with destroying his one time manager, that he barged into Raw GM Brad Maddox’s office and demanded this match. This, of course came after Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman handcuffed and savagely brutalized Punk on the August 26 edition of Raw. As a result, Maddox agreed and even upped the ante, turning the bout into a Handicap Elimination Match, meaning Punk will have to prevail in two falls to win… or in other words, if Punk can make it past Curt Hennig’s son, then he can go after Heyman. Will that happen? Yes. Will Punk get his revenge? Not on your life. Punk’s been getting over on Axel far too much this past month. Heyman’s going to win, and I think it will be big. Which of his stablemates will come out for the save? Or will there be an all new stablemate? Stone Cold perhaps? Now that would get people talking.

Winner: By DQ CM Punk


WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton (c)

Daniel Bryan was dealt a cruel hand at Summerslam, after proving he could be the top guy after beating John Cena clean for the WWE Title, only to have Randy Orton cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and, with help of special referee Triple H, become the new WWE Champion and ‘face’ of the company. Since then, HHH has made The Beard’s life a living hell after issuing him beatdowns via Orton and The Shield. And no one will help him for fear of being fired. Whether Triple H, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon or Stephanie McMahon will wield any influence at Night of Champions remains to be seen, though their lack of faith in Bryan as WWE Champion has been made painfully clear. For his part, Orton claims he has merely taken advantage of opportunities as they’ve come. As far as The Viper is concerned, Bryan’s bad luck is Orton’s good fortune, and nothing more.

The question for us is – how long can the WWE keep Daniel Bryan down before we get too pissed? Conversely, from the storyline perspective, it’s still too soon to put the belt back on him. Therefore… what I see happening is a major beatdown on Bryan of epic proportions, after the Shield and whoever else comes to get involved while a referee is knocked out. Then look for the one person who has no fear whatsoever of getting fired to come running to the ring with a steel chair, or worse – AJ Lee… the one who was screwed out of a belt herself, earlier in the night. Aside of Stone Cold aligning himself with Paul Heyman, what would get the WWE Universe talking more, than reuniting their favorite male and female wrestlers, and putting them in an ‘Us Against The World’ storyline that would be remembered for decades?

Winner: Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan by DQ


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