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TNA Turning Point 2012 Predictions- November 11, 2012 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

TNA Turning Point 2012 Predictions | Pay Per View Predictions – SA Magazine

With nearly all of the TNA Turning Point matches being close to carbon copies of last month’s Bound For Glory, just with all of the belts on the other guy, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you TNA’s “Who Cares?” Pay Per View of the year.


Jessie Godderz & Tara vs. Eric Young & ODB

TNA Turning Point 2012 Predictions - Gail KimNothing in this match really matters, simply because Gail Kim (I.E. Mount Olympus’ quintessential Goddess of Wrestling) isn’t in it. But enough with the marking out. It’s really a shame, because this whole “Hollywood Couple” thing TNA has going on with Jessie and Tara really could be something. I don’t know if Tara is the wrong person to pull it off, if Jessie’s acting skills are just that bad, if the writing is off the mark somehow, or if the crowd inside the Impact Zone is just that lame, but for whatever reason, it’s not selling as well as it should. That doesn’t mean TNA is done with it though… even if it is a shameless reenactment of Victoria & Steven Richards without all the pink. One thing I do know is that this is a means to having ODB face Tara for the Knockouts title, and hopefully a means for getting EY back on television… even if his TNA days are allegedly coming to a close. And who knows? Maybe this will pave the road for the Women’s Tag Team Titles to be back on two women. Velvet Sky has to be back on the TNA Roster Page for a reason, right?

Winner: Tara & Jessie
TNA Turning Point 2012
X Division Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Joey Ryan

The fact that this match even exists begs the age old question, “How does a guy at the absolute bottom of the ladder actually deserve a title shot?” but then again, this is wrestling where bad behavior like Joey Ryan attacking RVD is rewarded with a Pay Per View match. Can you imagine this sort of conduct being encouraged at the office? At any rate, a lot of people are predicting The Blueprint Matt Morgan getting involved, especially since he is banned from ringside and has made a living at flipping the bird at Hulk Hogan as of late, but I personally see Morgan getting involved somewhere else in the pay per view. With that said, Ryan isn’t really “X-Division” anyway, and it’s frankly just a little too soon for “No Job Rob” to give up the belt.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Aces & Eights DOC vs. Joseph Park

There was a trademark move in almost every Italian Hercules film from the fifties and sixties, where Herc’s entire being would be blanketed from camera view by a group of would be attackers. After a few precious seconds, with one thunderous blow of raising his arms in the victory position, Hercules would stand up straight and the twenty or so men who formally encompassed him would go flying off your television screen. Look for that tonight, when Park/Abyss finally reaches the end of his rope. Truth be told, the mere fact that Hulk Hogan was trying to talk Joseph Park out of getting in a match with Aces & Eights for his own safety, tells me that we’re in for anything except Joseph Parks getting hurt. But I also say… remember when Park instinctively hit Bully Ray with a Black Hole Slam back in July? After a little “strength in numbers gang warfare” from Aces & Eights, I look for the lines between Park and his brother Abyss being the same person becoming a little less fuzzy, when he does the same thing to DOC and the rest of those “biker hooligans”.

Winner: Joseph Park


Tag Team Title Match
Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) vs Daniels & Kazarian

Honestly, who knows what in the hell is going on here? Although I correctly predicted that Kurt Angle would be the “go to” guy for taking down Aces & Eights last month, when I said that Angle & Styles would not win the tag titles at Bound For Glory (and I also said Styles would turn heel, which is happening tonight), I still never saw any reason for them to put the belts on Chavo & Hernandez because there didn’t seem to be anywhere to go with it. Three weeks later… I still don’t see anywhere to go with it, unless they bring back Sarita & Rosita and reform Mexican-America like I’ve been clamoring for, for months. Honestly, I really don’t know what they’re doing here. All I know is that myself and the rest of the world has lost interest. Hell, maybe Matt Morgan will interfere here too (like below) so more people who Hogan hates are holding belts. Let’s hope so.

Winner: Kazarian & Daniels


Television Title Match – No DQ
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

As I said last month, Samoa Joe is back near the top of the heap where he belongs, and one would think that this was just going to be another squash by Joe over Magnus… if not for that nasty No Disqualification stipulation. Enter Matt Morgan. Let’s face facts, it’s really rather boring having all babyfaces hold all the men’s titles, and there’s a reason this feud is still going on. Having Morgan interfere solves all of those problems and gives The Blueprint & Joe something new to focus on.

Winner: Magnus


Number One Contenders Match
James Storm vs. Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles

The stipulation here is that the winner gets a title shot at the next PPV, and the loser does not get one until at least Bound For Glory 2013. There is a school of thought out there who says that Styles will be the odd man out, and will have to bust his butt through the BFG Series to be the feel good story of the year. But I say they’re wrong. Remember when Styles didn’t shake Kurt Angle’s hand last month, which made me predict a Styles heel turn? I say TNA takes a page out of Ring of Honor’s current Jay Lethal storyline, and that’s what goes down tonight… with Storm. Though AJ will be the only one officially turning heel, he will be doing so on James Storm with a dirty blow of some sort, that causes Storm to get screwed until next October, and boy will The Cowboy be on an “Enough is Enough” rampage, ala Lethal, until then. This not only puts Roode back into the title hunt where he belongs, it also gets AJ back on the dark side where he does his best work. And who knows? Ric Flair is still on the TNA Roster Page too. Maybe this will even allow something as dramatic as the rebirth of Fortune by teaming up Roode, Styles, Kazarian & Daniels.

Winner: Bobby Roode – Loser: James Storm


Aces & Eights Devon vs. Kurt Angle

While this appears to be a good wrestling match on paper, from a storyline perspective it seems rather boring. Angle wants revenge, blah, blah, blah. We all know Angle is going to come out like a ball of fire, looking to get even with Devon after Devon’s Aces & Eights brutally attacked him backstage. Okay… so then what? Does Bully Ray finally reveal his true colors and come out to aid Devon? Nope. I say it’s this Wes Briscoe fella, TNA’s answer to Nick Swisher, who’s been accompanying Angle everywhere like the “weird guy at a party whom you just can’t shake”, who does the screwing when all is said and done. Why else has he been around? Why was he getting “Timing is everything” lessons from Sting and Angle on iMPACT Thursday night, if it wasn’t going to play into the story somehow? Besides, TNA has to do something with Briscoe’s useless character, and really, have you ever known anyone named Wes who wasn’t a jerk?

Winner: Devon


World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy 

Yawn. It’s too soon for Hardy to lose the belt. Hardy has a custom made belt. Hardy practically invented the ladder match. TNA doesn’t want Hardy to sign with WWE in February. Aries has a feud looming with Mr. Anderson. This will be forty minutes of your life you’ll wish you’d had back.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


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