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TNA Sacrifice 2014 Predictions -Sunday, April 27, 2014 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

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TNA Sacrifice 2014 Predictions - Smartasses MagazineWell, in the world of “What has TNA done correctly, lately?” on the heels of losing Kazarian & Daniels, losing Sabin, the backstage heat on Dixie Carter, the lame crowds at the iMPACT Zone, and the blatantly obvious Daniel Bryan ripoff that took place by handing the belt to the silly bearded fan favorite despite the overwhelming odds… you might be inclined to say, “Not much.” But, I think it’s time to move past all of that. Though I hated to see Magnus drop the belt, because I thought he was borderline amazing as a champ, I am at least mildly interested to see what Eric Young does with the strap… and hey, not only are The Beautiful People back, it looks like Gail Kim could be in line for a face turn. As much as I believe Gail is the greatest female heel to ever live, it could prove interesting. Aside of that however, I cannot say that I am insanely excited about this card. Perhaps a better mantra for this pay per view is not questioning what goes on backstage, but rather, “Didn’t we just see this at Lockdown?”


X Division Title Match
Sanada (c) vs Tigre Uno

Well, if you’re one of the new regime of hardcore wrestling fans, who watches anything and everything they can point their Internet browser too, and is satiated as long as actual wrestling is taking place between two people who can go, then, hey, this match is for you. Unfortunately, I’m from the school of thought that prefers to have a reason to be emotionally involved with a little story and character development. With that in mind, and being perfectly aware of how politically incorrect this sounds, all I really see when looking at this match is “Two foreign guys who jump around a lot” instead of Billy Kidman vs La Parka, because, I digress… no character development. Was the “Best of Three” supposed to grab us by the scrotum like Booker T vs Chris Benoit? Well, at least Sanada has all those vignettes.

Winner: Sanada


Tag Team Title Handicap Match
Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards vs. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz & Zema Ion

Okay. Now we have some characters. I will admit, I have not been the biggest Zema Ion fan in the past. But, take him out of the ring, give him a hilarious hook like that stupid can-of-horn, and throw him in with two clubbing goofballs? I’m admittedly on board. Truth be told, I am still of firm belief that Robbie E is the most underrated performer in TNA today, if not all of professional wrestling, and Jessie Godderz isn’t all that bad either. Which is why it’s particularly a sad moment for me, because I have to agree with all the Internet marks out there (who tout Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards as the second coming of Jesus and Jesus), in predicting that the Wolves will win. But I really don’t see TNA passing up on an opportunity to take “advantage” of the two on three stipulation to make their win more “exciting”. Besides, if there’s a Beer Money reunion, they’ll need a new “Motor City Machine Guns” to tangle with.

Winner: Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards


TNA Knockouts Title
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love

TNA Sacrifice 2014 Predictions - Angelina LoveNo matter what happens here, kudos to TNA for revamping the Knockouts division. Now then, with the props out of the way, let me just say that had Smartasses Magazine’s 2014 Sexiest Woman Alive, Gail Kim, not more or less admitted to me on the air, that her feud with Madison Rayne was pretty much wrapped up, I could be inclined to think that Madison would retain and have a “friendly feud” for the title with Gail. But I know better, so I’m not. Besides, pairing Velvet Sky back with Angelina Love is the smartest thing TNA has done since letting Hulk Hogan’s contract fade into obscurity. Not only do we now have a great reason to bring back the Women’s Tag Team Titles, it was the mini-factions inside the Knockouts Division that made it what it was, and hey, a Gail Kim face turn could be best for business.

Winner: Angelina Love


Committed Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Well, here’s where it begins — “Didn’t we just see this at Lockdown?” Granted, the Christy Hemme portion of this angle seems to be out of the picture now, and yeah, the creepy mom factor kind of makes it funny… but what exactly is a Committed Match? Maybe that could have been explained on Thursday, in lieu of one less “pie” joke. With that said, usually the results of the go-home show are relatively meaningless when it comes to TNA, so, it’s hard to put much stock in Anderson leaving Shaw with a bloody mouth on Thursday. Still, it seems as if they wish to take this story further with the mom angle. I thought (hoped) this feud was done, but…

Winner: Samuel Shaw


Willow and Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud

Aside of the fact that “Willow” makes me wish that for one, brief, glorious moment… bullying was still cool, because boy would I love to see someone kick his ass just for being annoying, I do have to wonder why Jeff Hardy’s evil alter ego has suddenly developed a British accent. Is being from the UK a prerequisite for letting your dark side out? That notwithstanding, though choosing Angle and Willow seems to be the obvious choice, I’d hate to think that this feud was over, otherwise, it would really be the epitome of “much ado about nothing”. Plus, I think ECIII has an undefeated streak to keep in tact. Oh, and in the name of posterity, “Didn’t we just see this at Lockdown?”

Winner: Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud


I Quit Match
Gunner & James Storm

“Didn’t we just see this at Lockdown?” I feel I speak for most people when I say, unless James Storm is going to be breaking another beer bottle over Gunner’s pop’s head, I really don’t care about this match. Unless it helps to reform Beer Money. Which it will… and truth be told, Storm (Or Roode) will probably do something to Papa Gun Gun to make the Modern Day Viking say those two humiliating words.

Winner: James Storm


Tables Match
Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode

Ditto to the above. The question then becomes, which comes first? The Roode or the Storm? My guess is that Bobby will have already helped James gain the victory over Gunner, and now it’s time for Storm to repay the favor.

Winner: Bobby Roode


TNA World Heavyweight Title
Magnus vs. Eric Young (c)

There’s locks, and then there are locks. This one, my friends… is a lock. If there hadn’t been so much anti-hype regarding EY’s title victory being a knockoff of the Daniel Bryan run, I might be inclined to believe that TNA could flip the belt back to Magnus just to keep things interesting. But unfortunately, now they’re in a position where they have to justify the stupidity of it, and that means keeping the belt on the orange haired bearded freak.

Winner: Eric Young


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