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TNA Sacrifice 2012 Predictions – May 13, 2012 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

TNA Sacrifice 2012 Predictions | Pay Per View Predictions – SA Magazine

A great deal of people out there are calling this a “great” card. While it may look really spiffy on paper, I disagree. Sacrifice is a TNA PPV that could easily not exist. Nothing is going to happen this evening other than continuing current story lines- unless you count Sting magically reappearing.


Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher

TNA Sacrifice 2012 Predictions - Gail KimFirst off, congratulations to Gail Kim on her recent marriage. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Marriage? Certainly Gail will want some time off for her honeymoon.” and if she loses, that is exactly what I’m going to bank on. However, even though TNA has arguably done the best job possible of building up this match with Brooke Tessmacher in only three weeks time, we need to keep in mind- Kim is about to break the record for holding the Knockouts Championship. Whose record is she breaking you might ask? None other than her BFF’s, Madison Rayne, who holds the record at 188 days. Gail Kim sits at 181 at the time of this writing. TNA started the tension back up between Rayne and Kim this past week in the dressing room, and I look for it to culminate sometime within the next two weeks on iMPACT, probably with Rayne & Kim trying to regain the tag belts on May 24th- five days after Gail has broken Madison’s record. If there had been more tension in recent weeks, especially with Gail’s recent marriage, I’d have been calling for Rayne to interfere and give Tessmacher the win, but with the way things have been playing out recently, I just don’t see that happening. Personally, I think behind the scenes, TNA has every intention of continuing to kiss Gail’s ass, and that means keeping gold around her deserving waist.

WINNER: Gail Kim


Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Truthfully, the main thing that comes to mind here is that Austin Aries cannot win, simply because it makes the rest of the X-Division look even weaker than it already is. Plus, let’s face it, the words “Non-Title-Match” typically spell doom for the incumbent. Though, there is always the possibility that Aries could score the pinfall in an unclean way, he’s a babyface, which makes that pretty unlikely. Or does it? Clearly Bully Ray has a lot of enemies, so who might come down to the ring to give Aries the assist? Devon? Abyss or his alter-ego, brother Joseph Parks? Possibly. I’ll say this, there are going to be a lot of bad guys getting over on this Pay Per View, so there’s gotta be a feel-good match in here somewhere. On Thursday when Bully Ray attacked Matt Morgan, at the time it seemed like it was just another lame excuse to keep giving Crimson a reason to stay undefeated. But I’m looking at the bigger picture here. TNA needs to stall for time to set up Morgan (Or Goldberg) and Crimson at a later date… as well as set up Bully Ray and Abyss at a later date- which tells me that Bully Ray and Morgan need something to do in the meantime. Look for Morgan to interfere, screw things up for Bully Ray, and for Aries to score the pin and end this feud as a result. I see Austin moving onto Silva next, Crimson facing jobbers for awhile, Abyss and his “brother” being distracted with mystery for a few weeks,  and a pretty good two-month Bully Ray & Matt Morgan feud to branch off from this.

WINNER: Austin Aries


Kurt Angle vs. A.J. Styles

I don’t know if there is anyone on the planet that knows where this is going. Most of us aren’t even sure if Angle is still a heel, or if he turned babyface again when he admonished Daniels & Kazarian for the assist a few weeks back. Personally, I honestly believe that the only reason this match is on the card is so that people who have tuned out from TNA, might just tune in again because Angle and Styles, arguably the two best wrestlers on the planet, are wrestling each other. It makes the card prettier, even if hardcore TNA fans are left scratching their heads as to what this fight is about. Honestly, I don’t see Kazarian & Daniels interfering in this match like some people are predicting, since they have their own match to worry about, and typically interferences come at PPV’s from people who are not already wrestling. But I am smart enough to know that they’re not going to sell the story of AJ being mentally rattled very well if he wins this fight over TNA’s premiere guy. I think AJ fights distracted and loses… and I think the distraction is going to come accidentally from Dixie Carter herself.



TV Title Match
Devon (c) vs. Robbie E. & Robbie T

Personally, I cannot believe that there are people out there complaining that Robbie E is getting TV time. Yes, he has a few bugs to work out in his wrestling, but let’s be honest: his character is hilarious. With that said, I think the outcome to this one is quite obvious- even though it’s technically a three-way, we all know it’s going to be two on one, until we reach the point of where the two Robbie’s pull a “stooges” routine and bicker amongst themselves over who gets the pin- allowing Devon to win on a roll-up. I just hope they don’t have the two Robbie’s continue feuding, because I for one love the whole body guard and velvet rope angle. Truthfully, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Robbie E to either go back to the X-Division, or see these two team up and enter the tag-team ranks. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed on my other hand, for The Pope to return and be the next one up to the plate for Devon to feud with.



TNA Tag Team Title Match
Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) vs. Daniels & Kazarian

My logic on this one might be a bit of a stretch, but as TNA rebuilds from the debacle that Vince Russo created, they have to do things in baby steps. The first step was getting Joe & Magnus over as a legitimate tag-team until the Motor City Machine Guns can shake off the “rust” and reclaim the belts. TNA achieved that when Joe & Magnus defeated the MCMG last month. Now it’s time to rebuild the division itself, and the best way to do that is to put the belts on two wrestlers who they can sell the “great chemistry” angle on. Kaz & Daniels have that, not to mention the fact that they truly are two great wrestlers… who truly do deserve gold around their waists. Plus, it’s going to be all the more hilarious watching them prance around the iMPACT Zone taunting, “Look at us AJ, we have gold around our waists, and look at you, poster boy, at an all time low. You can’t even beat a has-been like Kurt Angle.” It not only gets the storyline with AJ over, not only makes you hate Kaz & Daniels even more, but it also gives TNA, and Kurt Angle an opportunity to say, “Let me show you a real tag-team, boys.” (Haas & Benjamin to TNA, anyone?)

WINNER: Daniels & Kazarian


Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Another “pretty” match that makes the card look better than it really is. What exactly are these two feuding about again? For those of us that have been watching TNA for years, we all know that Hardy & Anderson have a “friendship” that doesn’t exactly stand on solid ground, but TNA might have done well to give us a little history on that very topic over the last few weeks- especially two weeks ago when they were suddenly one of the top four choices to be gunning for the tag-team titles. But I digress. Truthfully, the only way to predict this match is to look at the entire card with the understanding that there needs to be a balance of bad guys and fan faves scoring the victories. With that logic in mind, Hardy is over a little more than Anderson, and there are a lot of other bad guys getting wins at this PPV. Therefore, look for Hardy to counter the Mike-Check with a Twist-Of-Fate and get the win.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy


TNA World Title Match
Bobby Roode (c) vs. RVD

I’m not sure why TNA doesn’t get the message, but the face of wrestling has changed significantly. Yes, names like Rob Van Dam give the show credibility with the networks, and blah blah blah, but it’s entirely possible that iMPACT Wrestling is cutting off their own noses to spite their faces with that strategy, because we’re frankly tired of seeing the same old former WWE guys always getting the spotlight- and that is what the powers that be just don’t seem to realize. People like TNA, because TNA is the underdog- which is exactly why they need to stop pushing “overdog” talent. Yes TNA, you did a great job edifying Storm & Roode, but everyone else nipping for the belt is always some marquis name (Anderson, Hardy, RVD, etc). But again, I digress. We all know this is just a fill in match until they start building towards Storm vs Roode 2.0, it’s just that we don’t understand why it was RVD, coming from literally out of nowhere last month, who is the chosen one to be in this position. Either way, there is no way that RVD wins this, even if it is a ladder match… and even though Sting’s surprise appearance will make you think he’s going to. Roode wins, breaks the record for holding the belt longer than anyone, and you can bet the bank that RVD will turn heel (he alluded to it a bit last week when he was bragging about himself a little too much) and take out his frustrations on Sting for “making him lose”, even if Sting meant to mess with Roode’s head instead. Hey, Sting has to be on the sacrifice poster for a reason, right?



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