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TNA Lockdown 2014 Predictions -March 9, 2014 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

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TNA Lockdown 2014 Predictions - Smartasses MagazineSo it’s been quite a few months since we’ve had a TNA Pay Per View, and while I absolutely love the new direction of the company, this Lockdown PPV scares me. It’s been so pleasant not having Hulk Hogan standing around uncomfortably in the middle of the ring with his thumbs in his belt loops, and shuffling his old-man New Balance sneakers as if he’s not quite sure how to stand. Conversely, Dixie taking over in her heel, ‘Stephanie McMahon’ type way, has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic television. Give me an evil queen in power, and I’m there every time. But that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. While it makes complete sense for team Dixie to get the win tonight, to keep with that said storyline that has made TNA so great lately… my fear is that Team MVP will win, so that Dixie can write herself off television. I’m praying it’s not the latter.


Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) and Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada and Nakanoue

TNA recently began a new partnership with the Japanese Wrestle-1 promotion, and, well, here is the love child of that relationship, which for me, is yet another instance of having a match on a TNA Pay Per View card, that has not only had zero build up, it wasn’t even talked about at all. The Great Muta is on Lockdown and you don’t even breathe a syllable about it on your go home show? I realize the shows are taped, and sometimes last minute deals are made, but come on man, these are just promotion basics here. With that said, Sanada (not to be confused with the country north of the United States) recently won the TNA X-Division title in Japan, so, it would stand to reason that TNA would want to try and find a reason to get that belt back on US soil as soon as possible… which means finding a reason for Sabin, Daniels or Kazarian to be pissed off bad enough to issue a challenge for it. Besides, Muta didn’t take a fourteen hour flight to come over here and job out.

Winner: The Great Muta, Sanada and Nakanoue


Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Looks to me that TNA wants to build up Tigre Uno as the next big thing… in, erm… much the same way they wanted to build up Manik as the next big thing prior to Bound for Glory… and how many times have we seen Manik since then? For that matter, how many times have we even seen the X-Division belt up for grabs? But I’ll stop digressing, lest I go off on the absence of the TV title as well. What we have here, is the partnership of TNA with Wrestle-1 part II. All things being equal, if you love high flying matches, we should all be in for a treat. As far as who will win, I basically already told you that in the first sentence. Sorry Manik, looks like it’s back to jobber status for you without the Hulkster there to tell everyone how great you are.

Winner: Tigre Uno


TNA Knockouts Title
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim

TNA Lockdown 2014 Predictions - Gail KimWow. I cannot really remember a time where I was not seriously, emotionally invested in a TNA Knockouts match, but, I have to admit, the matches and the writing around the women’s division has really been pretty lame recently. Perhaps it’s because of AJ Lee chumming around with Tamina in the WWE being a direct ripoff of Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa that’s watered things down a bit, but for me, there hasn’t been much excitement lately, despite the fact that Gail’s been the center of attention as she should be. With that in mind… it means I don’t have a passionate pick one way or the other here. I’m not a fan of Madison Rayne having the belt in the first place. Not only because she’s not GK and I’m biased, but also because of the way she came back from out of nowhere from a very long hiatus, to take it back rather uneventfully. Furthermore, whether it’s Madison or Gail who wins… who do they fight next? Do you care about a Rayne vs Tapa or Alpha Female match? Would Alpha Female even be deserving of a title shot? And, as much as I believe Gail should never have the strap taken from her… I realize that she doesn’t really have any opponents waiting to be let out of their cage to win it from her either. Whatever direction they go in, it’s rather boring. So, though my brain says to pick Rayne, just because of “who she can fight next”, I’m going to go with my heart instead, and hope that the veritable Goddess of Wrestling is adorned with as much gold as possible… especially since it was the good guys who won on Thursday, which should mean the opposite will happen tonight.

Winner: Gail Kim


Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Well, Samuel Shaw certainly has been creepy lately, hasn’t he? As well, it sure is nice seeing Mr. Anderson back in the spotlight again without that ridiculous Aces & Eights angle having anything to do with it, and furthermore, any time Christy Hemme gets TV time it’s a good thing. I’m not sure how the story line will culminate when everything is said and done, I only know everything will not be said and done tonight… which means the bad guy needs to win. Besides, Anderson was the one who got over in the end on the go home show… so it’s Shaw’s turn tonight.

Winner: Samuel Shaw


Kurt Angle vs. ECIII

Well, Kurt Angle is “injured” tonight and the match has officially been cancelled from the card. If the injury is legit? Then either ECIII will call out a jobber to beat, or Eric Young will fill in to whoop that nephew-ass. Personally, I think it’s a work though. Isn’t Angle supposed to receive his official Hall of Fame Induction ceremony tonight? I look for the Olympic Gold Medalist to limp to the ring while ECIII brags about the way that he eliminated him on Thursday, and get the crap beaten out of him even more. Either way you slice it, ECIII is your winner tonight.

Winner: Ethan Carter III


Last Man Standing Match
Gunner & James Storm

For me, the winner of this will determine the winner of Team MVP vs Team Dixie. If Storm wins, to me, that signals the reunion of Beer Money since Storm will want to ride the coat tails of Bobby Roode as a ten-percent owner of the company… which means I’ll be looking for Team Dixie at the end of the night. If Gunner wins here… and he should since Storm was the one who got the last word on Thursday, then I see that as a portent for Team MVP to win, write Dixie off TV, and relegate Roode back to nothingness. The former, makes a hell of a lot more sense from an entertainment perspective, so it all comes down to the real life issue of, “How bad does Dixie want to write herself back off of TV?” Unfortunately, I’m used to TNA choosing the more disappointing option. MVP will be the new “Hulk Hogan”, Beer Money will not reunite, and the best thing to happen to TNA since Jay Lethal vs Ric Flair (Evil Dixie) will go bye-byes.

Winner: Gunner


TNA World Heavyweight Title
Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe

I have personally been pushing for Samoa Joe to be back at main event status for a very, very long time. But man… Magnus is just so damn good with that belt, and has been delivering some of the best microphone work of the last five years. So, based on what I believe will happen in the next match, for me, I think there has to be some kind of dilemma for the new boss… which I believe equates into having a champion he doesn’t like. Plus Joe got over Magnus on Thursday… so, again, expect the opposite.

Winner: Magnus


Team Dixie vs. Team MVP

As I mentioned above in the Storm vs Gunner match, I’m all too used to being disappointed. TNA probably thinks that Jeff Hardy… err… “Willow” returning to get the pin, and be the very reason Dixie is no longer in power after she more or less kicked him out, will be some “Moment of the Ages”, and Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al will go ballistic over the “wonderful news”. Bleh. We’re sick of Jeff Hardy, and we love our evil queen. But… again, I’m used to being disappointed. I guess the only hope to cling to here, is that Jeff Hardy’s “Willow” will be a bad guy and really shock the world. Now that would be awesome.

Winner: Team MVP


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