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TNA Lockdown 2013 Predictions – March 10, 2013 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

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TNA Lockdown 2013 Predictions - Gail KimA good number of people out there are throwing rubber chickens at TNA, because they feel the TNA Lockdown card this year doesn’t very well represent a company who has gone down to only four pay-per-views, citing that they didn’t take the time to properly build up the matches on this card. Did anyone take a look at the calendar to see when the last PPV was? They only skipped one month, people. There was hardly any more “time” than we’re used to, and I feel that the lineup does accurately represent the one extra month. If you don’t? Well hey, take solace in the fact that at least you get one extra match.


Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan

Is this the match that The Blueprint Matt Morgan gets involved in, setting up “Abyss” vs. Matt Morgan part II? It’s possible, and it would certainly give the both of them something to do for awhile. In my opinion, I personally believe this would be the best thing that could happen for all parties involved. But Morgan nibbing his nose into the Hardy vs Bully Ray exchange last Thursday makes me believe that they have loftier goals for The DNA of TNA, which means I sadly do not believe that’s what will happen here. So, yawn, here’s your feel-good moment to kick off the show.

Winner: Joseph Park


X Division Championship
Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

The good news? The belt is finally off of RVD. Hopefully they don’t renew his contract, as he does absolutely nothing for the weekly television show other than clog it up. The bad news? Yes, Zema Ion is still on the roster. With that said, not unlike the Joey Ryan vs Joseph Park match, this match wasn’t mentioned on iMPACT even once, but… we should be used to that from TNA by now. Rather than gripe about it, I’ll applaud them for being a bit old school and putting something on the card without a buildup, just because it’s a good match (even if they could have at least mentioned that it was taking place). With that said, it’s a bit early to take the belt off of Kenny King, unless they want to throw it on York just for a little shock value, but like everyone else out there, I don’t see that happening.

Winner: Kenny King


Knockouts Championship
Velvet Sky (c) vs. Gail Kim

Most people are saying that, not unlike the previous match where the current champion has only held the championship belt for a couple of weeks, that it’s much too soon to take the belt off of them. In fact, I’ve read the predictions of six other people, and all six of them are predicting Velvet Sky to retain as champion of the Knockouts over Gail Kim, and further the feud between Gail and referee Taryn Terrell by making sure Kim gets “screwed” somehow. While that does indeed make perfect sense, I feel that this is where TNA pulls a swerve. Let’s face it, there are a lot of obvious outcomes on this card, and TNA has a blatant history of avoiding the obvious just for the sake of being different. Something else to consider is, where does TNA go with the women’s division if Velvet retains here, since there is not really anyone else waiting in the wings to challenge? I think they let Vel-Vel win the belt on TV for a reason- so she could lose it at the PPV, and trust me, the build up to Slammiversary will be a lot more interesting if Sky is chasing the belt as opposed to wearing it. Look for Gail to get some revenge on Terell by taking her out, and creating a situation where a different ref has to come in and make the three-count. Hey, who knows, maybe they’ll pull something out of the annals and have BFF Madison Rayne bring boy-toy Earl Hebner down to do the deed.

Winner: Gail Kim


Robbie E vs. Robbie T

Here again, everyone is complaining about the lack of build up, saying that this story line feels “rushed”, anticipating that this novella is going to be wrapped up into a neat little package with the guy in the white hat standing tall. People, you are all experts of professional wrestling, so it should not only be common knowledge, but it should be an absolute fact of life to you, that just because a match is taking place on a pay per view, it is by no means conclusive evidence that it is the final chapter. You cite a lack of build. Did it ever occur to you that this is the build? By the way, quit complaining about Robbie E, he’s arguably the second best thing going in all of wrestling right now. With that said, hopefully TNA writes a story here that does something to piss off Rob Terry that maybe, just maybe, starts turning him into a newer and better rendition of the Ultimate Warrior in the long run.

Winner: Robbie E


TNA Tag Team Championship
Austin Aries & Bobby Roode (c)  vs. Chavo Hernandez  vs. Daniels & Kazarian

With “The Greatest It-Factor’s” current quest to capture “all the gold”, it does indeed cause me to question what I’ve been predicting for months- that Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez were going to lose the belts, just so they could capture them back in geographically-friendly San Antonio on March 10th. So I’m torn. I certainly don’t want to be incorrect in that several-months-long prediction, however, I can’t help but feel TNA would be cutting off their nose to spite their face if they stuck with that plan, and abandoned the “all the gold” nuance they’ve created to make the tag-team division interesting. So, it’s with a bit of remorse that I have to believe that I’ve been right all along. Look for TNA to go the Laurel & Hardy route, and use Roode’s recent absences as a reason for Bobby & Austin to bicker and lose the belts. At least the aftermath will give us some good singles matches between Roode and Aries, and clear the path for the best tag team alive today, Bad Influence, to be back in the title hunt where they belong.

Winner: Chavo Hernandez


Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco

A good old fashioned squash match… or is it? You might be inclined to scratch your chin and ponder that query, if this match provided anything beyond the simple blessing it is to have Kurt Angle in a cage match at Lockdown. The problem is, it doesn’t. Aces & Eights just isn’t over people. Unlike The Shield, nWo, Main Event Mafia, it’s just a bunch of washed up mid-carders and a miscast Mr. Anderson that nobody on the planet has cared about, possibly ever. As for Brisco, not unlike his female counterpart on SNL’s Weekend Update, Cecily Strong, the most that he’s brought to the table so far is being That Guy At A Party You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With. Hopefully he brings something else to this match. I for one don’t know what that will be, because frankly, I’m still not sure why Aces & Eights even exists. So flip a coin. Bad guys will probably take the Lethal Lockdown match later in the night, so I’ll take the good guys here.

Winner: Kurt Angle


Lethal Lockdown
Team TNA vs. Aces & Eights

Truth be told, the D-Lo Brown reveal was as big of a flop as the Brisco and Garrett Bischoff reveals were, mostly because everyone knew it was coming. So, in my opinion, the only thing that can inject any level of life into Aces & Eights is to either reveal, or at least lead to the reveal, of who their “higher power” is right now. Unfortunately, TNA can’t see the forest for the trees, so we’ll keep trudging along through this drivel, and the way they’ll “attempt” to give it a shot of adrenaline is to break everyone’s hearts and have Eric Young turn on Team TNA… since he got the snub in lieu of James Storm on Thursday Night. Hopefully I’m wrong, and we’ll see the other Eric, Bischoff, (or Jeff Jarrett) be unveiled as the team leader instead. Either way, folks, stop predicting that Bully Ray is going to be aligned with them, it’s not gonna happen, and while you’re at it… if you’re an “expert” you should know damn well that this will not be the end of Aces & Eights. Why in god’s name three of the six predictions I read alluded to this being the potential ‘final nail in the coffin’ for this story line is beyond me, when there is clearly stuff yet to be revealed and not even the slightest hint to any wind down of the tale.

Winner: Aces & Eights


TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Cage Match
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bully Ray

Make no mistake, Bully Ray is the best thing happening in professional wrestling today. It seems TNA has finally recognized that, and is going to put the belt on him like he deserves. For all the bad you can say about the way they build, or don’t, you have to applaud them for getting this right. Look for Aces & Eights to come out and attack Jeff Hardy after the match is over, just to put the Charismatic Enigma on the shelf for awhile, and while the chaos is taking place, look for Matt Morgan to come down and choke out Bully Ray with Hulk Hogan’s Shea Stadium robe to set himself up as the new number-one contender.

Winner: Bully Ray


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