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TNA Hardcore Justice 2012 Predictions – August 12, 2012 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

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Gunner & Kash vs Chavo & Hernandez

TNA Hardcore Justice 2012 PredictionsFirst of all, let me just say that in my opinion, so far, the best part about Chavo Guerrero returning to television is that it created the team of Gunner & Kash. I absolutely love these two (formerly buried, or involved in idiotic storylines) trash talking hicks together, and I think TNA struck a little gold by making them a team. The second thing I like is that it got ‘Mexican America’ back in the spotlight (which I predicted months ago), even if they’re not adding the heel angle and the Mexican flag to it. With that said… most people are predicting Chavo to win simply because of all the accolade he received when he arrived on iMPACT, and because, well, he’s Chavo. Personally, I don’t get this notion. Why people believe the best way to give someone a push is to let them win right away, is beyond me- and these are wrestling experts I’m talking about here, not John Cena marks. Maybe I’m using too much common sense here, but who buys a book to read just the last page? With that said, TNA may indeed take the easy route and give Chavo the win if for nothing else than the prerequisite feel-good-moment, and then relegate Gunner & Kash to the tag team division as a result. But as hot as TNA has been lately with Pritchard in charge and Russo out- I’d like to believe they’ve learned not to do that any more. If TNA is smart, they will make sure that Chavo & Hernandez get screwed somehow… and turn this into a very long storyline of where Mexican America (Hernandez, Chavo, AND Rosita & Sarita) go on a “Lie, Cheat & Steal” tangent paying back Gunner & Kash with below-the-belt antics every week.

Winner: Gunner & Kash


X Division Championship
Zema Ion (c) vs. Kenny King

The general consensus here is that Zema Ion is going to retain the title until Jesse Sorenson can return and get his revenge. Although that does indeed make sense, I’m not so sure that Zema Ion needs to retain the title in order to make that happen, and the truth of the matter is, even though his rehabilitation is said to be going as well as it possibly can, there simply is no timetable on when Sorenson will return, nor any guarantee that he even will return. On the other side of the coin, Kenny King did not leave ROH to be small potatoes. Supposedly, King’s stint in TNA is to “test the waters” outside of ROH. If he likes the waters, he will stay in TNA. If he doesn’t? He will return to ROH or test the waters elsewhere. With that said, since TNA knows that Kenny King has game, look for him to get a major push. Unfortunately, getting a ‘major push’ means that he needs something to fight for, and winning the belt at Hardcore Justice would mean an immediate climax to a story before it even gets started. Look for Ion to win with the hairspray again, and stretch this rivalry out until September or October. As for Sorenson, forget about him for now. If you’ve ever watched TNA, you know darn well they’re not afraid to rekindle an old fire three days before a PPV, with no buildup whatsoever.

Winner: Zema Ion


Bound for Glory Series
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rob Van Dam (35) vs. Magnus (21) vs. Mr. Anderson (40) vs. D’Angelo Dinero (7)

As we all know, this is now about building up to the final-four at September’s No Surrender pay per view, where a number one contender will be determined to go for the gold on October’s Bound For Glory– which is TNA’s ‘Wrestlemania‘. The way one makes it to the final four, is to be in the top four in point totals- and the winner of this match gets a whopping twenty points. So let’s take a look at who has what: The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, with only seven points is pretty much already mathematically eliminated, so you can basically rule him out immediately. A Magnus win is somewhat feasible because it would, at the very least, put him in fourth place temporarily, though, one has to keep in mind that there are going to be two other twenty-point winners on this card… inevitably dropping him right back down. I personally do not believe that will happen because it puts Anderson and RVD, two veritable “sure things” down even further, and to keep things interesting, both of them need to be in the hunt. Which means it comes down to RVD or Anderson. If things go as predicted in the other BFG matches on this card, with Anderson at 40 points and RVD at 35 points prior to the start of this match, an RVD win here means that Anderson will still be in striking distance of the final four, sitting in fifth or sixth place… whereas a flip flop would mean that RVD might be a little too far down (seventh place) if he loses. Even though I would like to see RVD out of TNA all together, the TNA brass doesn’t seem to subscribe to that ideal and believes he belongs in the race… so that is why I am predicting RVD to win this one.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


TNA Knockouts Championship
Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Honestly, I think they have soaked Miss Tessmacher for all she is worth. Since there is literally nothing else going on in the Knockouts Division except for an occasional, uninteresting blurb from Brooke Hogan, and the belt itself, I believe that TNA has come to the realization that the babyface Knockouts are much more interesting when they are chasing that belt, as opposed to after they are actually holding it. Although two months ago, I would have said that Brooke Tessmacher was arguably the best female wrestler on the planet (yes, she had seemingly improved that much) I’ve begun to see holes in her performances since then, and seeing Gail Kim (I.E. Mount Olympus’ quintessential Goddess of Wrestling) repeatedly job out to her… well, not unlike a playground game of ‘Trading Punches, I can handle a knock or three, but this is getting downright painful now. Enter Madison Rayne. With her “sh*t-eating-grin” and lust for referee “Papa” Hebner which has resulted in having him tucked away securely in her hip pocket, this is an absolute hilarious story line they have working here, and without question, some of the best of Madison Rayne that we’ve ever seen. I say that TNA soaks the bad-ref angle to the point of where the horse has been beaten so badly that it stops becoming funny, and actually hangs around even longer to the point where it gets funny again. Although her reign was short, I think Tessmacher’s time is done.

Winner: Madison Rayne


Bound for Glory Series
Tables Match: Bully Ray (28) vs. James Storm (66) vs. Jeff Hardy (35) vs. Robbie E (5)

Again we have another match that is worth twenty points, and this one is without question, the easiest one to pick. Although the mere mention of the word ‘table’ immediately makes one want to select Bully Ray as the winner, unfortunately, I don’t care what you’ve read on the other idiots’ blogs, that is not going to happen. Bully Ray is in contract negotiations with TNA, that very contract expires in three weeks, and as of right now… he is still on his ‘Twittah Machine’ asking fans if he should stay in TNA or if he should go. With that future so uncertain, you can call Vegas and bet the house that Aces & Eights are going to deliver on the promise they made Thursday night, and take Bully Ray out- leaving him off television until the contract negotiations reach an end. On the flip side of this four way, James Storm doesn’t need the points so he’s not going to win either (my guess is that he goes chasing after Aces & Eights after they dismantle Bully Ray, for no other reason than to prove that he is not on their side). Conveniently, that leaves us with the same (three) players we were with on Thursday- Robbie E (with Robbie T) against Jeff Hardy. This is where the ending becomes extremely obvious. First of all, Robbie E is already mathematically eliminated in the BFG Series, so having him win is absolutely useless. Second of all, Hardy needs to be in the hunt, and a win here will tie him with RVD (after RVD wins the Falls Count Anywhere match) for either second or third place. But if that isn’t all obvious enough on it’s own to know who is going to win, remember, the Robbies put Hardy through a table on Thursday night, and we all know whatever happens on Thursday, means the opposite will occur on Sunday- so look for a nice big payback of “pink sweaters & wood jambalaya” on Sunday Night.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


Bound for Glory Series
Ladder Match: AJ Styles (16) vs. Christopher Daniels (33) vs. Kurt Angle (48) vs. Samoa Joe (54)

First and foremost, this is one rare occasion where I do agree with the other bloggers- AJ and Daniels are too embroiled into the whole “Claire” angle, and will obviously take their personal fight to the rafters- well away from even the shadows of any ladder, probably as soon as the bell rings, if not before.  This leaves us with a mini-version of the Joe vs Kurt mini-feud that they’ve teased us off and on with over the months. With that said, after RVD and Hardy leapfrog over Joe and Kurt, if Angle loses, he’s still going to be sitting in fourth place, and if Joe loses, he’s still going to be in third. I am already of the belief that TNA wants the leader board to be a question of “Samoa Joe or James Storm?” in it’s own right, just so Joe gets some deserved respect, and so James Storm being the eventual winner is at least a little less obvious. Combine that with the fact that Joe showed up at the announce table for literally no reason at all Thursday night, just to remind us all that he’s a ruthless warrior (yes, we get it Joe) it makes the outcome to this one all the more easy to spot.

Winner: Samoa Joe


World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries (c)

Everyone is saying that this match is “so hard to predict” because of the no-rematch-clause stipulated on Thursday night, because now they have no way of looking ahead to No Surrender to see who will be challenging for the World Heavyweight Title, seeing as how all the number one contenders are tied up in the BFG Series. Well whoever said that the Heavyweight belt had to be on the line at No Surrender? It doesn’t. In fact, logic would indicate that the final four players of the BFG series will be involved in the main event somehow, so I don’t follow that logic at all. In fact, as soon as that no-rematch stipulation was announced, I immediately knew who was going to win… because now we have the buildup that everyone on the planet wanted. Finally. Though Aries winning the title temporarily sure was a swerve no one predicted (watering down Roode’s reign in the process) that’s all it was- a swerve. A feel good moment. But come on folks… we’ve all known since Roode and Storm gave up on the Beer Money theme music and received their own intros (even before Beer Money broke up) that things were going to come down to these two, and kudos to TNA for not giving us that payoff back in April at Lockdown, when we all thought the belt would finally become Storm’s. I’m glad they’re making us wait. But now we’re in the home stretch. The BFG Series will come down to Joe vs Storm.. and Storm will win the number one contendership. But that’s next month. For this month… they need to paint the target on Bobby Roode’s face, and that will happen Sunday night… with Austin Aries, via the no-rematch stipulation, conveniently out of the way.

Winner: Bobby Roode


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