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TNA Final Resolution 2012 Predictions – December 9, 2012 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Predictions | Pay Per View Predictions – SA Magazine

Now that TNA has already announced that they are reducing their schedule down to only ten Pay Per Views per year, this Sunday at Final Resolution, they’re going to show you exactly why. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you TNA Final Resolution, your glorified episode of iMPACT that costs a heck of a lot more.


Knockouts Championship
Tara vs. Mickie James

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Predictions - Gail KimI wouldn’t be doing my job if I did not reiterate that nothing in this match really matters because Gail Kim (I.E. Mount Olympus’ quintessential Goddess of Wrestling) isn’t involved in it. On that note, I should also reiterate that I hope, whatever happens, that somehow it leads to getting the Knockouts Tag Team Titles back on two women… and I think it will. This is how I see it happening: Eric Young has resigned with the company. Furthermore, as I correctly predicted last month, Velvet Sky is back, and I think, not unlike Gail Kim in 2011-2012, TNA is going to ride her for all she’s worth in the ensuing months. Look for Velvet to come down and try and save the day when Tara’s boy-toy Jesse Godderz tries to get involved to help Tara- and look for Mickie James to throw a fit because of it. I see Mickie snapping for Velvet constantly upstaging her (Sky not only interrupted Mickie’s fanfare last Thursday, but remember the dirty look James gave Velvet last June prior to Slammiversary, when Velvet landed a role in the Montgomery Gentry country music video, and not her… the bona fide country music star?). With this scenario, now the door is open for Velvet and Mickie to have a feud, while we can also have a tag match for the belts between ODB & EY and Tara & Jessie… which will also hopefully lead to a Tara vs ODB title match as well… killing time until TNA can put the belt on Velvet and give her a very, very long title run. And yes, I realize flipping the tag belts to Tara & Jesse is still not “two women”, but hopefully it’s a means to an end.

Winner: Tara


X Division Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King

Kenny King should win, and they should just expire Rob Van Dam’s meaty contract. But that won’t happen.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Aces & Eights vs. Kurt Angle, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, Samoa Joe

This may just be where things come to a head. If they drag this out much longer, it’s going to get real boring, real fast, and frankly, there’s just nowhere else to go at this point. I look for Joseph Parks slash Abyss making an appearance to help “save” the good guys… causing Bischoff and Brisco to step up the timeline and reveal their true colors now, versus later. I’m picking Aces & Eights to win on that Garrett and Wes heel-turn, leaving Joe, Angle and Parks standing in the ring in shock.

Winner: Aces & Eights


Tag Team Title Match
Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) vs Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan

This is an easy one. It’s time to give The Blueprint some juice. Big Morgan and The Big Organ will win this by playing dirty, and we will have a nice long feud that allows Chavo & Hernandez to recapture the gold in San Antonio, Texas on March 10th, 2013, in front of a crowd filled with both TNA and AAA fans. Which will also be the start of Morgan’s push for the Heavyweight gold. Either way, please TNA, please. Please bring back Sarita & Rosita.

Winner: Morgan & Ryan


Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

This match is almost impossible to predict on it’s own merits, just because of the involvement with the Hogans, both Brooke and Hulk. Nobody knows where they’re going with this, so nobody knows how to even hazard a guess here. On one hand, you possibly want Bully to win in order to give credence as to why the Hulkster should “trust” him. On the other hand, by beating Bully Ray, it keeps Aries looking strong as they ease him back into the title hunt. I’m leaning toward the latter, just because I believe Aries is who TNA wants Hardy fighting next.

Winner: Aries


One Last Time
Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

The popular consensus here is that things will become rather uninteresting if AJ Styles win this match, because people want to see his ‘Downward Spiral’ storyline continue. That’s a good theory, but with this being their “last match ever”, does TNA really want it in the history books that Daniels went down as the “better man” when everyone knows, as AJ said, “Daniels on his best day, couldn’t beat Styles on his worst day” and that is always how they’ve been booked? At least that’s the question we are left asking ourselves. I believe, one of two things are going to happen here. Like I said last month, either TNA takes a page out of Ring of Honor’s current Jay Lethal storyline and has Styles lose (uncleanly of course) and then adopt a new “No Holds Barred” attitude, or… there is some sort of stipulation added at the last minute that says Styles has to reunite Fourtune by “rejoining” with Roode, Kazarian and Daniels as their personal whipping boy when he loses. Either way, I see this as a means to an end to, like I predicted, to create an AJ Styles heel turn. Which means… despite how it looks on the record, I agree with the consensus.

Winner: Daniels


World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy 

The Aces & Eights being paid off by Bobby Roode, to beat down on Hardy last Thursday was just a swerve, and though they may rear their ugly head in this match, everyone knows TNA wants to keep the belt on Hardy until he has renewed his contract. As much as I want to see the belt back on Bobby Roode, it’s just not going to happen. Truth be told, I see TNA going to the well one more time… and we will probably see James Storm come down with a beer bottle to get his revenge on Roode and rekindle that fire for awhile. Regardless of their Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight at Bound For Glory, I just don’t think that feud has ended. Storm is still “too involved” in everything Bobby has been up to lately, and it’s his turn to play tit for tat. I also have it on good authority that management is very high on Aries, and they want him back in the title hunt soon.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


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