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TNA Destination X 2012 Predictions – July 8, 2012 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

TNA Destination X 2012 Predictions | Pay Per View Predictions – SA Magazine

This PPV is definitely much more difficult to predict than last month’s TNA Slammiversary Predictions were, but then, that’s the appeal of Destination X chaos. One thing is for sure, DX 2011 was the PPV of the year, so TNA will certainly try to live up to that bar they raised one year ago.


Last Chance Fourway
Rubix vs. Dakota Darsow vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only

TNA Destination X 2012 Predictions - Bobby RoodeAustin Aries relinquished the TNA X Division title to face Bobby Roode for the world heavyweight championship, so, a tournament begins to name a new champion, and the four wrestlers not under contract with TNA who lost their qualifying matches, are all getting one “Last Chance” to enter the Ultimate X Match.

The four participants are Rubix, Dakota Darsow, Mason Andrews and Lars Only. Mason Andrews actually had a pretty decent match when he faced Rashad Cameron to the point where I thought he might win. Rubix just looked awkward in his match with Sonjay Dutt, and Dakota Darsow… second generation wrestler or not, just looked plain awful in his match, to the point where Flip Cassanova couldn’t even carry him- but maybe it was the bloody nose.

But after all is said and done though, as decent as Mason Andrews was, I believe he has a legitimate shot. However, based on the way fans didn’t seem to want my odds-on-favorite’s match versus Kenny King to end on Thursday, my money is on the long haired, air guitar glam rocker- Lars Only.

Winner: Lars Only


The Ultimate X Match/X Division Tournament
Last Chance Fourway winner, Douglas Williams, Kid Kash, Zema Ion, Flip Casanova, Kenny King, Rashad Cameron, Sonjay Dutt

The winner of the Last Chance Fourway, the qualifying match winners on iMPACT, and a few other wrestlers already under contract will battle in round two- The Ultimate X Match. TNA hasn’t released the brackets, so there’s no way to predict who will win each match and make it to the four man, Ultimate X Match to crown a new champ. However, the eight participants in this tournament will be: the winner of the previous match -The Last Chance Fourway plus Douglas Williams, Kid Kash, Zema Ion, Flip Casanova, Kenny King, Rashad Cameron, Sonjay Dutt.

Sonjay Dutt has been in TNA before. So has Kenny King. Therefore, my money is on one of those two. I’m going to take a penny out of that proverbial pile of money, flip it, and go with Sonjay Dutt as the more appealing of the two.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt


Bound for Glory Series
Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

An old feud that we get to enjoy again, due to it being a part of the Bound For Glory Series. Samoa Joe is in second place in the standings. Kurt Angle needs points. Logic would indicate that TNA will follow the same path they followed on Thursday when they allowed Jeff Hardy to get the win over golden-boy James Storm, by letting Kurt Angle score the pin over Samoa Joe just so they can even up the standings a bit. My caveat here however, is that TNA possibly creates some shenanigans in this match so that the Joe and Angle can have a new feud of their own, ala AJ Styles and Daniels, allowing the BFG series to zero in on the other guys who we’ll be pulling for in September. Either way, Kurt Angle doesn’t lose at PPV’s, so I’m pretty positive that’s who your money should be on.

Winner: Kurt Angle


Last Man Standing
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles “getting his focus back” was only a brief respite folks. This Dixie-AJ-Daniels-Kazarian-Claire Lynch storyline is far, far, far, far from over- and if AJ Styles gets a clean win, well… that’s a bit like ending the book right now, isn’t it? The more oppression AJ feels at this point, the better it is for the tale. So look for Kazarian, Claire, or Dixie to get involved in this one and eff things up for the Phenomenal One, zip, snap and drop. The only other possible outcome is that yeah, AJ gets the victory… but Kaz and Daniels beat the crap out of him after the bell anyway, but my bet is that Daniels gets the dirty pin and gets himself into a position where I can brag some more about the ‘dirt’ he has on Styles (to be revealed on the next iMPACT of course).

Winner: Christopher Daniels


World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Look. It’s like this. Everyone on the planet knows that TNA is building up to James Storm versus Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory in October. Letting Storm lose to Hardy last week was just to throw us off a little and make the whole thing more interesting, and to that end, who better to not do the ‘job’ to Storm than Hardy?

Regarding the Roode half of this underlying rivalry, plan on this being the match of the night (which is saying a lot during a card full of X matches). Aries vs Samoa Joe at Slammiversary was not only, arguably, a Match of The Year candidate but TNA has followed up by doing an excellent job of turning Aries vs Storm into something the fans are dying to see in it’s wake, perhaps culminating when Bobby kicked the crutches out from Chris Saban on Thursday night (classic) creating a scenario where Aries had to run in and save the day.

The fans truly want Aries to win this- making it the perfect catalyst to make you hate Bobby Roode even more… as we build to Storm vs Roode at BFG. Trust me… it’s a great swerve with that whole ‘giving up the X Division belt thing, and I know you have your hopes up, but you can bet the house, the kids, and the Mercedes on this one.

Winner: Bobby Roode


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