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Welcome to TNAMecca’s preview and predictions for Slammiversary 2014, in which members of the staff share with you their thoughts on the matches as well as predict their winners. Also, please remember to make your picks for the Pick ’em League by 7:00 PM EST tonight. And lastly, make sure you join us for some post-Slammiversary discussion immediately following the show.



BigDawg – “I am pretty excited for this match-up as I think it has great potential. Now, with the added stipulation, this particular bout has become WAY more important and relevant. These 2 beasts will be looking to hurt each other badly. Lashley has looked like an all-out badass lately and has gained my respect with his in-ring skills.” PREDICTION: Bobby Lashley

MisterTNA – “There isn’t really a rivalry between these two, however they stand on opposing sides in the war between Team MVP and Team TNA, and now they fight for a spot in the main event. This won’t be the first encounter between these two, and I don’t expect it will be the last. I think this will be a more hard hitting, big man match, which will give the show a bit of variation. I think that both Team MVP & Team TNA will be represented in the main event, and out of King and Lashley, I can see Lashley being the one who advances, so I’m going to say that Bobby Lashley defeats Samoa Joe and moves onto the main event.” PREDICTION: Bobby Lashley

Chris Regal – “Since aligning with MVP and Kenny King, Bobby Lashley has looked as dominant as any wrestler on the roster, including the world heavyweight champion, whom Lashley defeated clean this week on Impact. This indicates to me that TNA are grooming him for a world title shot, which will now come much sooner than we expected due to MVP’s injury. For this reason, I can’t see Lashley losing to Joe. Lashley will defeat Joe and move on to face Eric Young in the main event.” PREDICTION: Bobby Lashley

Nick Mann – “I loved their match at Bound for Glory 2009 and I have no doubt that this one will not disappoint. Both these guys carry with them that ‘big fight’ feel, but unfortunately TNA hasn’t given this match any feel at all as it is just a run off from the MVP/EY feud. This is also a tough one to predict as you would think that the “Money, Power, Respect” faction will be winning to give them momentum, but Joe has just returned after a hiatus so he also needs a “W” here. Either way, I’m looking forward to this one.” PREDICTION: Samoa Joe



BigDawg – “On paper this looks like a spectacular match, a long time in the making. Kenny King and Austin Aries competing against each other should already have your attention but now they are fighting for a spot in the World Title match. The importance level of this fight will bring out the best in both men.” PREDICTION: Austin Aries

MisterTNA – “These two used to be mentor and student way back, but after all those years, Austin Aries’ mentality doesn’t seem to have rubbed off on Kenny King. While Aries doesn’t like authority figures who abuse their power, King is just fine with it, and is even willing to help out if it means an easy road to the top. This should be a really fun match with lots of high flying and quick offence. While I love that Kenny King is being elevated, I just don’t see him getting the win here over Aries, especially now a spot in the World Title Cage match is on the line, therefore I have to go with The Greatest Man That Ever Lived to advance to the main event.” PREDICTION: Austin Aries

Chris Regal – “This is the match I was most excited about and after yesterday’s news, my excitement level has gone through the roof. I can’t see Austin Aries losing this match simply because TNA have not really booked Kenny King like someone who’s a threat to Eric Young’s world title. After an amazing back and forth, I expect Aries to come out on top on his way to the main event.” PREDICTION: Austin Aries

Nick Mann – “Finally! We get these two hooking it up on a pay per view with hopefully enough time to have a great match. Again, this match would’ve been better served with a few more weeks of build up as these two could’ve played off of the history they have with each other and are both capable of backing it up with good promos. King should win here and they can give this feud more time to really get cooking.” PREDICTION: Kenny King



TNA Slammiversary 2014 Predictions - Gail KimBigDawg – “Even though I’m least excited for this bout, it will at least move things forward for the Knockouts to see some different match-ups. The Beautiful People reunion hasn’t really delivered but that may change on Sunday. I can see Taryn Terrell getting involved here to help Angelina Love retain the title.” PREDICTION: Angelina Love

MisterTNA – “This again was a last minute addition to the card, and doesn’t have much of a back story other than Gail Kim not liking how The Beautiful People conduct themselves. I’m not to sure where the direction of the Knockouts Title is going right now, regardless I don’t see a title switch taking place here, Angelina has the numbers advantage with Velvet Sky in her corner, So my guess is Love retains after Velvet interferes.” PREDICTION: Angelina Love

Chris Regal – “Best case scenario: the writers put the belt on Gail Kim in order to keep the Knockouts title away from the mess that is the Beautiful People, Madison Rayne, Brittany soap opera. I’d enjoy this storyline more if the title wasn’t merely a prop. In the meantime, Gail Kim can defend her title against a returning Taryn Terrell. Unfortunately, I think the writers are more enamored with the Beautiful People than the fans are so Angelina Love will retain here.” PREDICTION: Angelina Love

Nick Mann – “The Knockouts have been in a rut lately as it seems that TNA is either waiting for some talent to return or waiting to sign some new women to the roster. This is a match we have seen before in TNA over the years so it is really nothing new, but for a show like Slammiversary where we celebrate the past, this match seems appropriate. The Beautiful People are hot right now (some would say in more ways than one), so I see Love keeping the belt for now.” PREDICTION: Angelina Love



BigDawg – “I have feeling that his match is going to steal the show. The participants involved are daredevils and risk-takers that are aiming to impress the LIVE crowd and viewers at home. I expect crazy spots and dangerous antics here with some big ladders! I will hold to my prediction of Crazzy Steve taking a huge bump somewhere along the line but he won’t be the only one.” PREDICTION: Sanada

MisterTNA – “This is a last minute but very welcome addition to the card. I mentioned in a recent Q&A how I thought it would be good for TNA to do a X Division Title Ladder Match here to kick off the road to Destination X and the story of how valuable the X Division title is this time of year. The 6 men involved should make this a fantastic match, while Sanada may be new to the Ladder match, Tigre Uno, Manik, Crazzy Steve & The Wolves are no strangers to the match, and are all creative enough to pull of some insane spots with the ladders. My head tells me that Sanada retains here as he will be the one to cash in the title at Destination X, however my guts saying that we may have a title change to make things interesting, and that the man to pull it off will be Manik, so in this predicament, I’ll follow my gut and say Manik wins the X Division title to heat things up going into Destination X.” PREDICTION: Manik

Chris Regal – “I could sit here and dissect all the problems I have with this match but I’ll focus on the positives instead. It’s an X Division title match with ladders featuring some of the company’s top high flyers so it will serve its purpose as the opening match of the night. As for the winner, I don’t see TNA taking the belt off Sanada at Slammiversary with Option C looming. That’s not to say that I think Sanada will challenge for the world title but I don’t think he leaves Dallas without his belt. Pennsylvania or New York City is a different story.” PREDICTION: Sanada

Nick Mann – “I guess this is the closest thing we’ll get to a King of the Mountain Match. No doubt this will be a kick ass contest with lots of action. I know some will complain about The Wolves being in the X title match and not defending the tag titles, but I ask you this: without getting a team from outside of TNA; who would challenge them? Plus, I think Davey or Eddie winning and then challenging the champion in NYC could create quite a buzz.” PREDICTION: Davey Richards



BigDawg – “I found the drinking contest vignettes from a recent IMPACT to be very entertaining. TNA has done a good job at creating a feud between these 2 in a short space of time. I expect this match to be hard-hitting fight and it should represent a chapter in their war that may last for a couple more months.” PREDICTION: James Storm

MisterTNA – “I’ve really enjoyed some of the segments building up to this match, Anderson pretending to be drunk and dressing up as James Storm has been hilarious, and Storm has been able to take the comedy and turn it very serious in a matter of moments with his new persona. I don’t think this feud ends just yet, and Storm deserves to get a PPV win after putting Gunner over on back to back PPV’s, so I say Storm wins and gets a little revenge for the local crowd after Anderson mocked the old cowboy.” PREDICTION: James Storm

Chris Regal – “James Storm and Mr. Anderson do not like each other so I think a hardcore match of some kind would have been much more fitting. This fact leads me to believe that this feud will continue after Slammiversary so with that in mind, I predict that Storm will prevail.” PREDICTION: James Storm

Nick Mann – “This feud has been entertaining but I can’t help but feel like they were just thrown together because neither guy had anything else to do. I suspect this is just a stop gap for both these guys and they’ll quickly move on to other things. Interestingly enough, this match has had one of the better build ups.” PREDICTION: James Storm



BigDawg – “Part of me is looking forward to this match the most because of the violence and blood that a Texas Death Match can offer. Someone is going to get hurt here and I am impressed that EC3 is willing to go toe-to-toe with one of the most hardcore wrestlers out there. Bully is going to put someone through a table, whether it’s Ethan, Dixie or a new Carter bodyguard. However, a table spot doesn’t win you the match and one of these guys is staying down for a 13 count for the loss.” PREDICTION: Ethan Carter III

MisterTNA – “This match came about when EC3 interjected himself in the feud between his Aunt D and Bully Ray, little did he know that defending his aunt would land in a Texas Death Match with Bully in of all places, Dallas aka Carter Country. I expect this to be a brutal match, while its the first time EC3 has been in a match like this, we know he’s willing to go the distance to deliver the best he possibly can, and with a Hardcore King like Bully Ray as his opponent, I expect some violence. While this is Bully’s realm, I’m certain Dixie will stop at nothing to make sure her nephew wins in their hometown, so I say EC3 wins and remains undefeated in One on One competition.” PREDICTION: Ethan Carter III

Chris Regal – “I realize that it’s a hardcore match but I suspect that Ethan Carter III will find a way to be victorious after a brutal battle that will leave both participants a bloody mess. I do, however, think that Bully Ray will put someone through a table on Sunday. EC3 is the likely candidate because I think TNA are saving Dixie Carter for last, presumably at the NYC tapings.” PREDICTION: Ethan Carter III

Nick Mann – “This feud seems to be focused more around Bully Ray putting Dixie Carter through a table, but IF that is going to happen it’ll likely be in New York City (imagine the crowd). I love the old school gimmick with a Texas Death Match. It’s appropriate for the anniversary show and being in Texas. I’m thinking EC3 keeps the undefeated streak and gets the win here due to some Carter family relations.” PREDICTION: Ethan Carter III



BigDawg – “This feud between Willow and Bram/Magnus was in first gear for a little too long but now it’s finally progressing and coming to fruition. Bram is a roughneck hooligan that is transforming Magnus into a much more intense competitor. Willow is the definition of bizarre and will count on Abyss to watch his back from these 2 dangerous Brits.” PREDICTION: Magnus

MisterTNA – “This match should have been built around how Magnus screwed over Jeff Hardy to win the World Title, and in doing so unleashed Willow, who is out for revenge against those who wronged him, unfortunately that is not the case, however that’s not to say the story of Magnus being convinced to “embrace the violence” by his old friend Bram has not been just as fun to watch. The unpredictable Willow vs the newly vicious Magnus has the making’s of an all out war, and with Bram & Abyss at ringside, all hell could break loose in Dallas. This match is a little tough to call, but I think it would be the wrong move to have Magnus lose after this new layer has been added to his character, therefore I say Magnus picks up the win.” PREDICTION: Magnus

Chris Regal – “I was lukewarm on this feud until this week’s segment in which we finally saw Bram and Magnus appear as a duo and Willow actually cut a promo at ringside. For those reasons, I’m actually much more excited about this match than I was just a few days ago. This is a tough one to predict but I’m sensing that the feud has really only just taken off so I expect Magnus to win, setting up a potential tag team match down the road.” PREDICTION: Magnus

Nick Mann – “This has been in the making since December, but now has a new dynamic with Magnus’ side story with Bram. I suspect that this will involve some weapons and brawling of some sort and I could see a ‘no rules’ stipulation being added at the last minute. Bram and Abyss will surely get involved at some point I’m sure, and I could see a tag match brewing out of this; Magnus will get the win here.” PREDICTION: Magnus



BigDawg – “I think the World Title match got way more interesting and dramatically improved with the unfortunate MVP injury so it all worked out in the end. So many possibilities on potential competitors but I have predicted Lashley VS Aries VS EY in the cage. This figures to be a amazing title match with intensity, unpredictability and craziness.” PREDICTION: Eric Young

MisterTNA – “So firstly, I predict that Bobby Lashley & Austin Aries advance to this main event to face EY. I really don’t know where TNA will go with this one, The easy thing to do would be have EY to retain, however if their plans were to have MVP as the heel Champion going into the Summer, they may give that role to Lashley. The third option here of course would to put the belt on Aries, ratings have been down lately, and if TNA feel its down to EY’s reign (not saying that it is) they could switch the belt onto Aries and have him as the face Champion battling the corrupt hierarchy. While its not a confident prediction, I think EY retains in this one, going into the summer as the man and leading the charge against MVP and Dixie.” PREDICTION: Eric Young

Chris Regal – “So my world title match is Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries. I have a feeling that TNA had planned all along to put EY over at Slammiversary so I don’t see the plan changing simply due to MVP’s injury. I think TNA are planning to make this the Summer of Eric Young so I feel comfortable predicting his victory here.” PREDICTION: Eric Young

Nick Mann – “It’s really too bad because after the go home show to this pay per view I was really sold on MVP vs. EY, but this is a good alternative that seems to have people excited. Young has always battled the odds and I think he overcomes them again at Slammiversary.” PREDICTION: Eric Young


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