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#1 Wicked Wanda – Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time | Smartasses Magazine

Wicked Wanda

Wicked Wanda - Penthouse Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Wanda Von Kreesus


FIRST APPEARANCE: Penthouse Magazine 1969


Oh, Wicked Wanda!” is our definitive choice for number one, on the list of the hottest comic book babes of all time. Wicked Wanda was a satirical adult comic strip, which regularly appeared in Penthouse magazine from 1973 to 1980. In 1969, prior to the illustrated strip format, the character of Wanda appeared as an illustrated story. A running gag in several of the early comic strips features a pastiche of Little Annie Fanny (published by Playboy, Penthouse’s main competitor) in which the character is found out to have fake breasts or buttocks which deflate when popped. In the tradition of George Petty and Alberto Vargas, whose pin-ups were the basis for many World War II aircraft’s Nose art, Wicked Wanda graced the nose of Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, 44-83863, when it originally went on display at the United States Air Force Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida in 1975.

A beautiful ravenous black-haired heiress to a multi-million-dollar fortune, 19-year-old Wanda Von Kreesus was a “man-hating” lesbian who ran a bank which, among other things, contained secrets that could bring down world governments, and lived in an old castle on Lake Zurich, Switzerland with her live-in partner, Candyfloss. Candyfloss was a blonde nymphet, who was originally sent as a “present” to her father, but Wanda claimed her as her own. Wanda later got Candyfloss to be chased around the castle by her father, during which he died of exhaustion… leaving Wanda to claim the inheritance. Wanda often called her “Pusscake”, while Candyfloss’ nickname for Wanda was “Boo’ful.” The term “candyfloss” is the common British name for “cotton candy.” Candyfloss was bisexual, making love with anyone who came her way, much to Wanda’s annoyance.

Their adventurous travels took them to such exotic locales as: Arabia, Tibet, Europe, India, New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Disneyland. The pair also travelled through time, courtesy of a time machine, visiting France during the French Revolution, England during the signing of the Magna Carta, and Germany during World War II, before briefly visiting the future and returning to the present. While in later parts of the series Wanda would have a handful of male ‘toys’ with whom she would use and abuse until they died of exhaustion- her sexual preference was almost exclusively for women.


Wanda drove a Supo Delecto Peniso Flagrante sports car, which, as its name implies, resembled a phallus and was capable of attaining a top speed of 160 miles per hour. The license plate bore the alphanumeric designation “FKU2.” Sometimes, her auxiliary automobile, a Rolls Royce station wagon, followed. Throughout her adventures, Wanda was also assisted by her elite army of “butch-dikes,” the Puss International Force, or PIF, the commander of which was General German Grrrr. A play on renown feminist Germaine Greer, “German” was her forename, not her nationality, and the precise number of R’s in her last name tended to vary from one month to the next. A resident intellect, Homer Sapiens, and a Neanderthal-like chief-jailer and master torturer J. Hoover Grud provided the brains and muscle needed to support Wanda’s many adventures. Although Grud looked like a caveman, he was a sensitive intellectual who expressed his aspirations only to himself, never to others. Sapiens on the other hand was a mad scientist and former Nazi collaborator, whom Wanda referred to as “Eggbonce” (“bonce” is slang for head). Sapiens was a masochist who enjoyed nothing more than a butt beating from Wanda, either as a reward or as a punishment.

The preserved cadaver of her degenerate father, Walter Von Kreesus, the late King Gnome of Zurich, was seated upon a throne under a green glass dome. On occasion, Wanda sought advice from him after establishing a psychic-spiritual link with the corpse. The source of his great fortune, which Wanda later inherited, was Grigori Rasputin, who in 1916, was attempting to lobby for safe keeping a large fortune of jewels into the Swiss bank that Von Kreesus was working for. However Rasputin’s untimely death left the large hoard in Von Kreesus’ possession. He then proceeded to increase his fortune even further through various underhanded dealings with, among others, Lenin, who Von Kreesus lent a train-fare to, when the communist leader was on his way to an important 1917.

The strip’s characters occasionally appeared naked or partially clothed, and great care was given to the female form, especially the breasts and buttocks. Although male characters occasionally appeared nude, their genitals were not often shown and they were exhibited mostly in the background- with none of the sometimes gratuitous appearances that often was true with regard to female characters. In a nutshell, men were treated as an afterthought.

The strip was replete with inside jokes and references to popular and classical culture. For example, a member of Wanda’s entourage laid naked reading William S. Burroughs’ novel Naked Lunch while a second member fornicated with a swan, recalling William Butler Yeats’ poem, Leda and the Swan, based on the myth about Zeus’s fornication, in the guise of a swan, with Leda. Many politicians and artists were caricatured in the strip, including a drenched and apparently besotted Ted Kennedy, who appeared in several panels throughout the strip’s ten-year run, wearing an ever-present ‘76 Presidential campaign ribbon. His appearances invariably depicted him standing in a pool of liquid, which of course was a not-so-subtle reference to the incident in which he drove off the Chappaquiddick Bridge, killing his companion, Mary Jo Kopechne. Rival politicians, including Richard Nixon, were treated with the same degree of satirical ridicule. For example, Nixon was frequently shown as a sometimes machine-gun-toting gangster. In the debut strip, Wanda and Candyfloss visit Madame Tussaud’s “Waxworks,” passing the likenesses of Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Charles de Gaulle, Lyndon Johnson, Fidel Castro, Henry Kissinger, and Mao Zedong, among others, as they make their way toward the museum’s “Chamber of Horrors.” These satirical portraits were usually given names similar to the names of the people they parodied: Henry Kissarun, Norman Mailman, and Herod Huge, for example.


Honorable Mention: KitanaMs. Marvel, MileenaBlack Cat, She-Hulk, Teela 


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