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Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time – The hottest women in comics. All the superheroines & female supervillain characters we love and worship.


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5 Poison Ivy / 4 She-Ra – Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time | Smartasses Magazine

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy -DC Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Pamela Lillian Isley


FIRST APPEARANCE: Batman #181 – Beware of Poison Ivy!

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: Being a deceitful seductress in smexy green tights

Thank god for Batman: The Animated Series, otherwise, no one on the planet would have ever remembered Poison Ivy, if they had not re-popularized her in the early 1990’s. And yes, that means Uma Thurman’s ‘standout’ performance as Pamela Lillian Isley in the god awful film: Batman & Robin would have never happened either. Truth be told, as a result of the cartoon featuring her, Poison Ivy made the astounding jump from an obscure, almost forgotten minor character within the DC Universe, to a heavy hitting major player… who has become literally a household name. Twenty plus years later, Ivy’s as strong as ever, and there is of course, a reason for it, and it’s the same reason that she’s the highest ranked, and therefore hottest villainess on our list. If Catwoman, Purgatori and Star Sapphire were not already proof, the truth is that when it comes to what the world loves in comics- a power hungry, seductive temptress who can manipulate others into doing her bidding will always come out on top. Poison Ivy is not only the most sick & twisted of that genre, she’s the best.



She-Ra - Image Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Princess Adora


FIRST APPEARANCE: Masters of the Universe minicomic 1981

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: Power is hot, and She-Ra is the Princess of it

If you’re like us, and you have a thing for chicks in knee-highs, then you’ll understand what we mean when we say, “What the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders did for go-go boots in the seventies, She-Ra did for them in the 1980’s (with some respect to Teela of course).” On that note, we find it rather amusing that Netflix lists the She-Ra DVDs as being targeted to ages 3-5. To that ridiculous notion we say, “yeah-right” because, not unlike The Sorceress of Grayskull, no matter what Netflix says, She-Ra was every man’s fantasy. Which means you can pretty much guaran-damn-tee there was a lot of father-daughter bonding going on in the mid-eighties, because no dad on Earth ever had a problem sitting down to watch twenty-two minutes of She-Ra with his offspring- despite the show being chock full of corny, childish little characters like Lookee, always skulking in the shrubbery, in that god-awful ensemble of shortalls and aerobics gear. Either way you slice it, the appeal of She-Ra could be boiled down to the simple fact that she was just “the most powerful woman in the universe” and only one or two rungs shy of being a goddess. But what was especially enticing, was the female-empowerment of it all. Whether it’s sports, changing your oil, or fighting crime, whatever a man can do… it’s much more exciting when a woman does it, therefore, we kind of enjoyed how men were the inferior sex on She-Ra. This was especially true when it came to She-Ra’s little red-headed sidekick Bow. With his Village People porn-stash and that sissy-ass heart on his chest, he couldn’t seem to go to the bathroom without She-Ra’s approval. She-Ra would be knocking down castles by throwing a tank through the wall, and there would be Bow, standing there uselessly, whining about his bruised ego. Dude should have just locked up the archery gear, and focused his energy on keeping She-Ra’s go-go boots polished instead.


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