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Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time – The hottest women in comics. All the superheroines & female supervillain characters we love and worship.


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9 Lady Death / 8 Batgirl – Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time | Smartasses Magazine

Lady Death

Lady Death - Chaos Comics/Boundless Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time



FIRST APPEARANCE: Evil Ernie #1 1991


There’s a term in professional wrestling for characters who fans love, in spite of the fact that they aren’t necessarily good guys- ‘Cool Heel’, and in the 1990’s, no one in pro wrestling embodied that status better than the nWo. In comics, instead of being a cool-heel they call you an ‘anti-hero’, and with respect to Catwoman, no female comic character in history, ever epitomized it better than Lady Death who, oddly enough, not unlike the nWo, also reached her peak in the mid to late nineties during the ‘Bad Girl’ craze. Ironically, the term ‘new world order’ is curiously applicable with Lady Death as well, as she very much created a new world order in Hell. After literally only being there for a week or three, she decided to lose the polite-young-lady attitude to don some racy new duds, turn a few longtime Hellions into her new, personal lackeys, single handedly go to war with Lucifer, defeat him, and then sit playfully upon his throne as Hell’s new queen. That’s hot. The funny thing is, as her storyline unfolded, life, in some form of poetic justice, truly began to imitate art based on the one simple fact that it was also Lady Death, who created a real life ‘NWO’ of sorts, when she, also single-handedly, made reading comics cool again. Chaos comics sold approximately $980,000 worth of Lady Death merchandise in August of 1995 alone. As far as being supersexy goes, well… look at her, and let’s face it, it’s not every day when well-known and iconic fantasy artists like Dorian Cleavenger, Gerald Brom, Joe Jusko, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell are clawing at your throne to do artwork of you.



Batgirl - DC Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Barbara Gordon


FIRST APPEARANCE: Detective Comics #359 1967

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: Innocence, mystery, and really long legs

There’s something to be said for being, literally, a household name, and with respect to Wonder Woman and Catwoman, there simply is no bigger female household name in comics, than Batgirl, who proves- sometimes being the good girl can be hot too. Barbara Gordon appeared in print, nine months prior to hitting nationwide TV screens, and all we can say is that a purple sparkly catsuit like the one Yvonne Craig wore as Batgirl on the aforementioned TV series… well, the memory burn of that alone would have gotten her into the top twenty. In print however, she typically wore black & yellow, and during the eighties she was usually depicted as having excessively long legs. But perhaps the most titillating aspect of Batgirl is her ability to play hard to get. Not in the conventional teasing sense, but instead, it’s more a case of her uncanny ability to disappear into the shadows before anyone can so much as shake her hand. In a nutshell, Batgirl is mysterious. Yet… we the reader have the luxury of seeing the other side of the coin as well. As Barbara Gordon, it’s almost as if she’s devilishly playing possum for our benefit, though someone as kindhearted as she would never be so vindictive. Masquerading amongst the bookshelves of the Gotham City library as both innocent, and perhaps a little too convincingly defenseless… our brains can’t process the peanut butter & pepper that is Barbara the young spinster, and Batgirl the provocative beast. When considering the whole thing, it’s as if she’s a human version of the little liquid ‘pellets’ of mercury we used to play with in seventh grade science class- there she sits, just waiting to be grabbed… but ya can’t. Which of course just makes one want to grab her all the more.


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