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Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time – The hottest women in comics. All the superheroines & female supervillain characters we love and worship.


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7 Catwoman / 6 Purgatori – Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time | Smartasses Magazine


Catwoman - DC Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Selina Kyle


FIRST APPEARANCE: Batman #1 1940

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: Seduction Incarnate

The one role, every actress would give their left arm to play. On the Batman TV series, three different actresses played the role, but none ever quite lived up to the Julie Newmar portrayal in our eyes, and similarly in comics, for us the Jim Balent version will always be the definitive one. All things considered, you have to give DC credit, they really got it right with this one. They pushed every button, flipped every switch, and as a result, Catwoman is the very definition of, and the very female embodiment of… everything that is seductive. She looks good for being over seventy years old, eh?



Purgatori - Chaos Comics/Devil's Due - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Sakkara


FIRST APPEARANCE: Evil Ernie: Revenge #1 1994

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: Insatiable RBH lesbian bloodlust

To fully comprehend what makes Purgatori so brutally erotic, one first needs to fully comprehend the back story of Lady Death– especially if you care to understand why the more minor character of the two is actually the higher ranked. Lady Death started her life in medieval times as Hope, a young, kindhearted and innocent European daughter, of a father who just happened to be a demon worshiping Lord. After an unfounded accusation of witchcraft, Hope is sentenced to a burning at the stake, where she dies and falls to Hell. In her new underworld home, as Hope’s wont for revenge grows, ‘desire’ becomes an almost overwhelming emotion, and she quickly learns that the more she feels desire, the more powerful she grows. The more her power grows, the more her reputation grows, till in a nutshell, she soon realizes that getting nearly anyone and everyone in Hell to fall at her feet, requires little more than a finger snap. After a not-so-difficult final battle with Lucifer himself, she completes the transformation from the unjustly executed, innocent and naive daughter… to the undisputed, omnipotent, queen of Hell itself. Pretty impressive. Now then, fully taking into consideration for a moment, how easily Lady Death had assumed absolute control of Hell and everyone in it… what could possibly even make her uncomfortable, let alone be an actual threat to her? Whether it was by design or not, when Chaos realized they needed to create such an arch-nemesis for Lady Death, they did it oh so correctly. Enter Purgatori, riding up on her horse with a demented smirk on her face, not just wanting to conquer Lady Death, but also fully expecting to turn her into her little playtoy, and her own personal, lesbian concubine. Sometimes, it’s the little things. This story angle was brilliantly erotic. Who needs swords and firearms, when you can simply make the queen feel socially out of place, and question her own confidence? Well it worked as, Lady Death, who is not gay, did indeed get pretty uncomfortable. It may sound cheesy here, due to the fact that we can’t go into lavish detail as a result of space constraints, but trust us, nothing in comics has ever stirred the imagination more. In conclusion, even though the late Steven Hughes original version of Purgatori will always be the best, her character had a way of ingratiating herself to the reader. One might argue that we, the readers, too became enthralled by the appeal of her insatiable, RBH lust, and she just got hotter and hotter and hotter.


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