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Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time – The hottest women in comics. All the superheroines & female supervillain characters we love and worship.


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25 Batwoman / 24 Elektra – Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time | Smartasses Magazine

25 Batwoman

Batwoman - DC Universe - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Katherine Rebecca Kane


FIRST APPEARANCE: “52” #7 2006

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: She plays for the other team

There’s been a Silver Age Batwoman, and a few Alternate Universe creations of the character as well. But no one will argue, this Batwoman is the best. Just to keep it simple, the writers basically made it so that she possesses all the same skills as Batman, though she garnered them through different methods and motivation, and yes, she’s got her own arsenal of gadgetry as well. Oh… and she’s a lesbian. Enough said.


24 Elektra

Elektra - Marvel Comics - Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes Of All Time

ALTER EGO: Elektra Natchios

WHO SHOULD PLAY HER ON TV: Maria Grazia Cucinotta

FIRST APPEARANCE: Daredevil #168 1981

HOTTEST ATTRIBUTES: Being an RBH Ninja babe with sais

Whatever the problem is, since Marvel owns the Malibu line, it’s almost as if they should have just packed it in, stuck Elektra in a four-way no DQ match with Mortal Kombat’s Mileena, Kitana and Jade… and just started over with someone else. All things being equal, Marvel would love to have Elektra as a good girl to justify giving her a series of her own… but unfortunately for them, her character just has to be bad. Which is why they don’t really know what in the hell to do with her. It’s sad to say, but this character has just become a bit of a catch-22 for Marvel. She is perhaps one of their absolute greatest characters, but because they’ve handled her so poorly, no one will give her the proper due (don’t even get us started on the copy-Catwoman argument). For one, the movies flat out ruined her, and secondly, in the comics, she’s just too damned cartoony. The do-rag alone lowers her status to that of Rosie Perez, drying laundry on a clothesline in some back alley and yelling at teen thugs for stealing it. Secondly, stealthy ninja assassins just don’t wear bright red. Yet, again, that’s where the other catch-22 lies- red is Elektra’s trademark. Red is what makes her pseudo-iconic… so you can’t just go and take it away from her either. Regardless, when you read just how cool this character was really was designed to be, you’ll see why, instead of just crossing their fingers and giving the reigns to miss girl-next-door herself, Jennifer Garner, Marvel should have handled Elektra a little more like precious cargo: First of all, she’s Greek, and we all know being a foreign babe gets you bonus points. Secondly, Elektra is the top ninja assassin in the world. She is an expert mixed martial artist and hand to hand combatant, who has not only pressure-pointed a man just by shaking his hand, but has also ripped a dude’s heart through his chest. Her speed, agility and reflexes are so quick, that she can literally face several, trained, seasoned warriors at one time, dodge their bullets, and defeat them within four eye-blinks. Additionally, she’s also a master of stealth, primarily using her signature sais in fights, but she’s also an incredible markswoman when needed. Now think about it- if the next James Bond film were to feature a heavy like this… she would become an instant, overnight, Internet deity, and remain there for decades. Now, factor in the tidbit that this RBH can also mentally possess someone, hypnotize them, and make them see illusions. See what we mean? Kind of makes you scratch your head, wondering why Elektra isn’t a flat out religion by now, being worshiped as the undisputed, absolute goddess of all comic book babes.


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