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The only person who can save WWE, is The Rock. Mo Williams trade.

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Q: Dear RoleModel, I know you constantly state that you don’t watch WWE television anymore, but please tell me you saw the return of the Rock. What impact do you think he’ll have, and is he back to stay or is this just a one and done deal? If he is back to stay, will he be wrestling again, possibly against John Cena? I want to know what you know. – Dennis from Cashville, TN

A: Well Dennis, I have to admit, I didn’t see it live, but found it online and was just as marked out as the next guy. About a year ago, I stated on the air of my show, SMR, that the only person who can save WWE is The Rock. Apparently, they heard what I had to say because he’s back… sorta!

The problem with his return is, for how long and in what role?


I have spoken with a few insiders and none of them believe The Rock will ever wrestle again. Hell, the most overrated commentator in the history of wrestling, (NOT SO) Good Ol’ J.R. even stated that he feels he’s already witnessed The Rocks final match. With that said, these are the same experts who leaked Justin Bieber would be the host of WM27.

If The Rock is only back to cut promo’s in a verbal war with John Cena, I see it helping at first, but the culmination has to end in a match. If not, it will be unjust and in many peoples minds, false advertisement.

One person who will definitely benefit from this no matter how it goes is John Cena. That was proven on the following episode of RAW when he went all “Old School” on us. As an indy rapper myself, I always enjoyed it when Cena would come out free styling (scripted or not, that sh*t is hard). He used to say some of the funniest things, hell, I’d even go as far as saying he was the most comedic mike-man in the WWE since… The Rock!

If this does culminate in the feud everyone, including myself, is hoping for, I would definitely drag it on as long as possible, without taking so long that we all lose interest. Instead, I’d make Cena break out his Thugganomics a little longer, and let Rock be Rock and have them continue this war of words, or “Battle Rap” which in part could spark a better head to head battle then when Jericho debuted during The Rock’s segment in 2000.

So, to answer your question, I don’t have a clue, but I’m excited to find out, and hopefully we get everything we hope for as far as The Rock and his return are concerned.

Now, I want to say this to Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne, your last few movies literally sucked! I watched them only out of support for a fellow wrestler. Instead of laughing, or enjoying the storyline, I was too busy cringing on how horrible your script was. Not your fault, but I think Hollow-wood is taking this “pay your dues” bit too far… You had a few good movies, and then you hit a dry spot. Your only true potential peak comes inside that wrestling ring. Give Dwayne a ten year vacation, bring back The Rock. Not for Wrestle Mania 27, for good!!!

Finally, Rock, I want you to know this. Ric Flair is, and will always be, the Greatest Wrestler ever to lace up a pair of boots, but you were a close second. Come back full time and show this generation of fans what a Sports Entertainer is all about, IF YOU SMELL……….WHAT THE RIC……..IS COOKING!


Cleveland Cavs

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Q: Dear RoleModel, I know you usually like an East team & West team, or in the case of the NFL you have an AFC (Steelers) & NFC (Saints) team… So what NBA East team do you like? Also, my Cleveland Cavs recently traded Mo Williams & Jamario Moon to the LA Clippers for Baron Davis & a draft pick… I fail to see how that makes the team much better! Can you shine any light on this? – Jaysen from The Hill

A: First of all, Jay, it’s always good hearing from you. I thought after I eliminated you from the fantasy football playoffs this past season, you’d need more time, HAHA!

But seriously, I thought you knew bro! When it comes to the NBA, I’m a Laker fan through and through, so I get a little fickle with the East Coast. I did like the Charlotte Hornets as my “East Coast team” but they moved to New Orleans and in part, became another west coast rivalry. For the past few years, I was rooting for your Cavs, mainly because their star player was from Akron Ohio, our home town. Then, he moved to Miami, but not as a star anymore, more as a role player, which doesn’t sit right with me.

Let’s move back to my love & loyalty to the Lakers. In the NBA, there’s only one head coach who not only played for the LA Lakers, but also won 3 championships as a Lakers player, Byron Scott. He’s coaching your Cavs, which means as long as he’s there, I’ll be pulling for Cleee-hee-hee-agh (this hurts), I’ll be pulling for Clev-v-v-v-aaaghh (wow, a lot harder than I thought)… OK, as long as Byron Scott is in that city a few miles north of us, they’ll be my second favorite team. I just wish they’d get him some sort of talent to showcase how great he is as a coach.

Remember, this is the same guy who coached the New Jersey Nets to the finals in only his second season as their head coach.

This may be interesting for Cavs fans, in his first season as Nets coach, they were the worst team in the NBA. He also coached the Hornets to a few decent records, but it was around the same time the Hurricane hit New Orleans. A lot of experts feel that the fact that they played all their home games on the road (mainly Oklahoma City) as the reason his team didn’t win any Western Conference Titles…

Here’s why he made the trade. Byron Scott uses the same method the Lakers used in the 80’s, believing cardio is more important than everything else. Outrun your opponents, out score them. If your cardio is better than all the other NBA teams, they will tire out in the second half while his team just continues to put on the pressure. He’s also a fan of great outside shooters, which is why many felt Mo Williams would work out well in his system, but that wasn’t the case…

This brings me to the trade in question, Mo Williams was a decent player on a slow team, but was unable to endure the cardio needed to play in this system. Baron Davis was on the Hornets when Byron Scott was their coach, and though they butted heads a lot, Davis was still a good fit in this system. Byron Scott isn’t your typical coach, he’s more like a build a champion over buy a champion type of coach. Look at this as the first legitimate step in him building a champion. If the Cavs keep Scott, they will be good in a few years, and I’ll be happy to see it happen, just as long as they keep Scott.

You wanted a quick answer, I wrote you a book, I hope you appreciated it, HAHAHA!

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