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Bottom line is, it was a travesty to see Bill Belichick get nothing more than a slap on the wrist..

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James Harrison In Men's Journal | Ask Your RoleModel - Smartasses MagazineDear RoleModel, What are your thoughts on James Harrison’s interview in Men’s Journal? I heard he put the NFL Commissioner and a lot of his own teammates on blast. Do you think he should be fined or suspended? And be honest. – Byron J. 

When I first heard about the whole James Harrison article, I was skeptical since it came from ESPN, which in my experience has always been a very anti-Pittsburgh station, but never more so than the past few years because the Steelers and their (not it’s) fans are not going to just slide the New England Patriots scandal under the rug like New England based ESPN and Patriots fan Roger No-Goodatall want us to do. I expect that station to try and take an article and use it to instigate a family feud within the greatest organization pro sports has to offer.

With that said, I read the article, and though a lot of things he may have said or done could be looked down upon by the media and certain fans, I personally applaud James for coming out and saying what he feels, without being politically correct or sugar-coating truths out of fear. James Harrison has no fear, and it shows every single season on the field and off it.

Since I don’t want to quote the entire article, I’ll just skip to a few of my favorite comments and explain why I enjoyed the things he had to say. I will give fair warning now, some of the language in this article may be harsh, so if you’re not a fan of swearing, stop reading this now…


MENS JOURNAL: “My Rep is James Harrison, mean son of a bitch who loves hitting the hell out of people” he says. “But up until last year, there was no word of me being dirty – till Roger Goodell, who’s a crook and a puppet, said I was the dirtiest player in the league. If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it. I hate him and will never respect him.”

ROLEMODEL: Everything he said here is gospel as far as I’m concerned. James is far from a dirty player, and shouldn’t be labeled one. Is he mean? Damn right! Does he play with a chip on his shoulder? You bet your sweet little ass he does! Does he hit opposing ball carriers with bad intentions? He wouldn’t have it any other way, and being a Steelers fan since birth, neither would I. We have a name for that kind of playing, it’s called Steelers football. When I was a kid, Jack Lambert played that way, after him, we had a cornerback named Delton Hall who played that way. Greg Lloyd followed and in my opinion took it to a whole new level. Joey Porter played that way, and now we have James Harrison playing that way.

All of those guy hit to hurt you, but none of them tried to injure anyone, nor did they purposely hit anyone after the whistle blew. Playing hard and playing dirty are not the same, but unfortunately, Roger No-Goodatall doesn’t understand the sport he commissions. James has every right to have harsh feelings toward a bias commissioner who set out on a personal vendetta to destroy James Harrison’s good name, and a lot of other Steelers players for that matter.

MENS JOURNAL: “Clay Matthews, who’s all hype – he had a couple of three-sack games in the first four weeks and was never heard from again – I’m quite sure I saw him put his helmet on Michael Vick and never paid a dime. But if I hit Peyton Manning or Tom Brady high, they’d have fucked around and kicked me out of the league.” And: “I slammed Vince Young on his head and paid five grand, but just touched Drew Brees and that was 20. You think black players don’t see this sh*t and lose all respect for Goodell?”

ROLEMODEL: Black players, white players, black fan and white fans see it James. I think anyone who claims they don’t see the bias fines are either racists, blind or liars. But it’s not only black & white, it’s also black & gold! Ben Roethlisberger also took bullsh*t shots to the head, had a blatant facemask right in front of the ref by a Baltimore Ravens defender, and not only was their no flag, there was also no fine!

MENS JOURNAL: Then he laid down fire on some of his friends in black-and-gold, calling Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall a “fumble machine” for getting stripped by Matthews in the Super Bowl, a late-game flub that stopped the Steelers cold on their drive for a go-ahead score, and groaning about Roethlisberger’s recklessness, including two bonehead interceptions that day. “Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain’t that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does.”

ROLEMODEL: This is of course the main part of the story NESPN (not a typo) reported, in hopes of instigating some dysfunction among the Steelers players. Not going to work, because it’s pretty obvious from how he worded it that he was somewhat trying to be funny when he was poking fun at Big Ben, and Ben knows it because James spoke with him already. As far as Mendenhall is concerned, I would have liked to see the entire comments made about him, and not just the two words Men’s Journal posted. Truth is, the hot back in Pittsburgh was Isaac Redman, but he wasn’t a first round draft pick, so he didn’t get the rub from Coach Tomlin. But again, even if he did say it like that, it’s true and I respect him for that.

I saved the best quotes for last. They’re about the one team James Harrison hates more than any other team in the entire NFL, as do I, the New England Patriots…

MENS JOURNAL: “I SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER RING,” HE SAYS, apropos of nothing as we drive back from lunch one scorching afternoon, the sun still a demon at 4 PM. “We were the best team in football in 2004, but the Patriots, who we beat in the regular season, stole our signals and picked up 90 percent of our blitzes” in the AFC title game. “they got busted for it later, but, hey, they’re Goodell’s boys, so he slapped ’em $500,000 and burned the tapes. Was he going to rescind their Super Bowls? – man, hell no!”

He’s just getting started on the Pats. “I hate those motherf***ers,” he says, “especially those two clowns who talked about me after the fines.” He’s referring to Rodney Harrison, the ex-Patriot turned analyst on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, and Teddy Bruschi, another former Pat who appears on ESPN. “Sayin’ I’m dirty – shit, Harrison was the dirtiest player ever, a steroid cheater who was known by the whole world to be a headhunter and late hitter. And Bruschi’s an idiot, straight-up simple. I’d like to meet them both in a dark alley.”

ROLEMODEL: Thank You James! I’ve been saying this forever, hell, I said it in 2001, before the whole spy-gate thing went down. It was too obvious when Kordell’s killing them in the first half, then he’s being accused of “starring down receivers” in the second half. That cost Kordell Stewart his career in Pittsburgh!!! What’s worse is, that game should have been Oakland and Pittsburgh, but the league invented a tuck rule for New England. Funny how no-one ever heard of that rule until then…

In 2004, when the Steelers were 15-1, with one of those games being a dominating blow-out against the Patr-idiots on Halloween, and momentum on our side, the Patr-idiots somehow stop everything we threw at them. It didn’t make sense, because it was as though they knew where everyone was going to be at all times. A few years later, when Spygate happened, it turns out we know why.

How good do you think Tom Brady would be if he wasn’t cheating? It’s funny how average Matt Cassell looks in Kansas City, yet he was a winner when the team was allowed to steal signals. Tedy Bruschi is a stroke, I mean joke, and never would have won shit if he didn’t cheat. And let’s not forgetting old roid rage himself, Rodney Harrison, who was another average at best player when he was in San Diego playing by the rules. Not in the city ESPN built however. Once he got to New England, he became a great cheater, I mean player, no, I mean cheater…

What’s worse is, this offense is far worse than anything Pete Rose did, or Shoeless Joe Jackson for that matter… Spy-Gate was the worst form of cheating in the history of pro sports because not only did it go on for years, but it’s still going on. For those who still don’t get it, allow me to explain how much of an advantage knowing your opponents signals gives you.

In 2003 (2002 season) the Oakland Raiders were heavy favorites to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Oakland, first year head coach Bill Callahan was still using the playbook and signals used the previous year by then head coach, John Gruden. Well, it just so happens, John Gruden was the head coach of Tampa that year, and he knew everything to expect. There’s even a sound-byte where Tampa defensive back John Lynch is saying, “everything he told us is happening, they’re using the exact same play calls he said they’d use. This is too easy” or something to that matter.

Bottom line is, it was a travesty to see Bill Belichick get nothing more than a slap on the wrist $500,000 fine, which was paid off weeks later when he signed a contract extension with a $750,000 signing bonus. Beli-Cheat should be banned from football on all levels, pro, college, high school, hell, even pee-wee football. He’s the lowest form of life as far as being a coach is concerned, because he can’t teach his team to win fair, which disgusts any real football fan. ESPN even helped cover the extent of how serious this crime was by taking Cris Carter’s rant from the 4pm edition of NFL Live off the re-broadcasts because they didn’t want anyone ruining their favorite teams reputation…

So my response to James is, I hate those motherf***ers too my brother in black-and-gold, and I give you (and Joey Porter who is also outspoken about that issue) props for not being afraid to tell the truth…


This is one topic that get’s my adrenaline pumping, so I apologize for going on and on. Byron also asked if I thought James should be fined or suspended. No, he shouldn’t even be taken aside to “have a talk”. These statements were said during the NFL lockout, and even though the ESPN guys disagree, it’s not against the law to speak your mind. Hell, I’ve often wondered why more players don’t take Roger No-Goodatall to court for violating their freedom of speech laws. Dictator Goodell needs to realize he’s in the USA, where people can express themselves freely because our amendments gave us that right, and he also should realize that in the USA, if you STEAL $100,000 from someone because you want to play judge, jury & executioner, then he has the right to take your useless ass to court and sue you for his money back, and more money for deformation of character. Roger ruins reputations because he has no clue what football is about, and I can’t wait for the day someone does take him to court for his dictator-like actions…

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