Chris Benoit – The Still Unsolved Investigation

Chris and Nancy Benoit were telling friends of theirs for months that they think someone was stalking them.

Chris Benoit: The Still Unsolved Investigation | Ask Your RoleModel – SA Magazine

Chris Benoit Unsolved Investigation 001I know a lot of you heard about the Benoit family massacre, but did you know they never caught the real killer or killers? I know the media has labeled Chris Benoit as the villain who orchestrated this horrible crime. I know that in the opinion of the media and a lot of you who buy into their crap, Chris was guilty before proven innocent… But unfortunately for the media, I also know the facts. 

Chris and Nancy Benoit were telling friends of theirs for months that they think someone was stalking them. The claims went unnoticed because everyone thought they were just paranoid. The very week before the murders took place, they had a close friend spend the night at their home in hopes that he too would see the car parked outside their gate, possibly documenting their every move, but unfortunately, they never did see anyone. My guess is, the eventual real murderer saw that there was an extra car parked in the Benoit family driveway and just passed on by. With that said, one week later, The Benoit’s were murdered in cold blood, and whoever did it really had it in for Chris.

The fact that the murders took place isn’t necessary, because everyone knows that, but the real question is: why is everyone slandering Chris in the media as the guilty party, weeks before they could even possibly prove it to be true? Let’s just call this The Barry Bonds Effect

It’s no secret that the media, and the government who controls the media, have been harassing Barry Bonds for years. The reason for the harassment is this: they wanted Barry to be the poster boy for their “Just Say No to PED’s” campaign… They figured if they just pressured him enough, he’d crack, and finally go into a roid rage proving their point that PED’s will cause people to go insane. Unfortunately for them, Barry never broke under the pressure, and they appeared to be all out of answers.

Then the biggest tragedy in wrestling history occurred since Owen Hart’s death.


What made this so spectacular for the government (and the media they control) is, if they are able to pin this horrific crime on Chris Benoit, who in their opinion is already dead (so he shouldn’t mind, right?), they then can attribute it to PEDs, hence giving them a new poster boy and hopefully then be able to scare kids away from using the drug as an edge in muscle enhancement. What they didn’t realize is, they chose the wrong poster boy, because people who knew Chris Benoit know he isn’t the type of person who could ever be so unstable that he could do such a thing, not only to himself, but especially to his wife and son.

If that wasn’t enough, the supposed facts might clear a few things up for you, the skeptics out there…

Here’s where they went wrong:

1 – They first tried saying that he did this due to roid rage, but everyone associated with PED’s, or who knows someone who has taken them, knows that the side effects only last five to ten minutes tops, and that couldn’t have been the reason because the murders took place in a 3 day span.

2 – They also tried bringing up the fact that Chris had a history of domestic violence, causing a lot of female reporters to speak way out of line, only to find out that his only domestic dispute had no physical contact, just a bunch of broken furniture and a lot of yelling, OUCH, that sounds like a killer’s on the prowl!

3 – This one they’re not trying to hide now because they leaked it out before looking into the facts. The original coroner report stated that Chris had high amounts of GHB in his system. For those of you who don’t know what GHB is, it’s what you use when you want to “slip someone a mickey.” When they found this out, the media started saying how GHB was known to make people violent and out of control, and was taken by athletes to also enhance their bodybuilding… OOOOPS! The real facts are, GHB keeps the person sedated, yet conscious, which makes perfect sense since the real killer, or killers, probably wanted Chris to witness the murders of his wife and kid and let it soak in before they finally staged his hanging. It also makes perfect sense when you think about my next point, the text messages…

4 – Doesn’t it strike everyone a little suspicious that a guy who was supposedly in the process of murdering his wife and child would send out distress text messages to his friends, telling them the side door was open and the dogs were outside, and also giving out his home address over and over again? Well, if you’re sedated, and in fear that someone might see you sending out distress calls, you’d probably do the same thing. My guess is, he tried to make each message short, quick and to the point, but was too drugged up to say too much, and if you see the messages, you’ll notice that they didn’t seem to make too much sense, another sign of proof that he wasn’t completely alert.

5 – He called off the WWE pay per view. Yes he did, probably at gun point, and just said what he needed to in hopes that the perpetrators would see that he was going along with everything they asked, thinking they’d rough him up a bit, maybe steal some stuff, but hopefully let them live.

Chris Benoit Unsolved Investigation 002Now, with all that said, there’s still a couple other things that I’d like to go over. I’ll start with the fact that Chris, Nancy and their child were seen at the doctor’s office about an hour or two before the first murder was to take place. This makes perfect sense since The Benoit house was gated, and in order for anyone to get in, they had to sneak up on them after the gate was opened. This should have opened the eyes of the investigators as an opportune time of entry.

Another thing I’d like to bring up is the most recent coroners report, now stating that there wasn’t GHB in Chris’ body, after they leaked that it was definitely in there just weeks prior… What, did you think we forgot? Well, let me clear this up, I sure as hell didn’t, and I’m sure a lot of other people who care about this investigation did not either.

The funny thing is, after clearing themselves from one thing, they stumble into another. That’s right, the last coroner’s report states that all the Benoits had hydrocodone (a pain killer commonly found in Vicodin) and Xanax in their system. The painkiller was probably used to keep the screaming down, but Xanax is a tranquilizer, not too commonly used by someone who plans on killing his family with his bare hands. As a matter of fact, it’s used to calm you down, usually during anxiety attacks, and I’ve never seen anyone take nearly as much as he had in his body and be able to walk straight, let alone manhandle a grown woman, tie her up, and then choke her to death. Look up the word tranquilizer and tell me where you see, “may cause psychotic outbursts.” You won’t because it doesn’t. It actually does pretty much the same thing that GHB would have done, only as much anxiety medication as they were filled with, would probably cause you to pass out.

The bottom line is this, with all the evidence the media leaked out to slander Chris Benoit as the killer, they actually gave strong proof that he had nothing to do with it. I was on the same anxiety-medication a few years ago, only quarter dosages, and it knocked me out, and that’s the weakest prescription there is. Chris had a much higher amount in his system, and supposedly killed two people and then hung himself… with weights that weighed more than he did (in order to lift him off the ground). I challenge anyone reading this to take half the amount of foreign substances they found in his system, and then lift weight higher than your own body weight, and tell me if you think it’s possible to do what he was accused of doing.

Then, think about this: he also had painkillers in his system that cause drowsiness, plus the GHB they are now hiding from the public, and you tell me this man was capable of committing anything other than a long 12 hour nap.

So now, the government has a poster boy for PED’s, but after hearing the facts, are you still buying it? I know I’m not, which leaves just one last thing to say– reopen the case and find the real murderers.

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