Why Trump vs Hillary is Not a “Coin Flip”

Never in the 240 years of our country’s lifespan, has there ever been a candidate more dangerous to the state of our union than Donald J Trump.

Why Trump vs Hillary is Not a “Coin Flip” | ArticlesSMAG

I keep seeing posts or comments from friends and others on social media, embracing the attitude regarding the Presidential election of, “Meh. They both stink.” In fact, I saw a post just yesterday from a very influential, close friend saying that Donald and Hillary “share in over 130 scandals between them.”

Sometimes people take this stance because they are just being lazy. Sometimes people adopt this mindset simply because they don’t trust the system, which is why they throw away their vote for a guy like Gary Johnson, and can still feel as though they’ve done their part, while on other occasions, they simply don’t have time to fit reading every New York Times article into their day in order to decide where their vote is going. I get that. I’ve been subject to the latter myself at times. Not to mention how terribly exhausting it can be debating politics with people, making you want to just shut down, and honestly, if this were Romney vs Obama version 2.0, I would probably keep my mouth shut this time around and move on, because it just would not be worth the risk of insulting friends to debate the “coin flip” mentality that both candidates are “shady”, whether true or completely unfounded.

Most people running for office are ethically questionable and somewhat untrustworthy to a degree. I think we all believe that. But never in the 240 years of our country’s lifespan, has there ever been a candidate more dangerous to the state of our union, as well as the precarious balance of world peace and the pursuit of happiness, than Donald J Trump. So to say that Trump and Mrs. Clinton “share in over 130 scandals between them” is not only grossly irresponsible, it is as ludicrous as saying Elvis Presley and the guy doing karaoke up the street have shared in making Rock & Roll great.


As you all know, Donald Trump wants to “Make America great again.” First of all, I’m not sure which America Donald is referring to, because ours is already pretty great. Thanks to the current political regime needing only 6.5 years to clean up the mess of the previous one, we are enjoying the inklings of a relatively prosperous era here in America again. Secondly, this man who continually boasts his deep desire to “fix” what most informed individuals would consider a largely unbroken USA, has not looked to even one former American President or domestic great for his inspiration on how to do so. Instead, in his impassioned speeches, Trump verbally praises the methods of, and aspires to duplicate several of the actions of real life dictators such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein (you know, the bad guys) and literally keeps physical copies of Adolf Hitler speeches in the nightstand next to his bed. Not to mention, nearly everything he manufactures, whether it be his clothing line, or the Bibles in his gazillion dollar hotel rooms, is made in other countries such as Bangladesh, Mexico, Turkey or China- IE: Not America.

Trump purports himself to be an “outsider” who is here, for us, the “little people”, while he decrees that Mexicans are rapists, racially profiles and suggests deporting 3.3 million peaceful Muslims on the off chance that one or three might be a terrorist (despite the fact that the 14th Amendment exists to prohibit this exact kind of racial/religious profiling), and calls women “Fat Pigs”, all while mocking physically challenged people, incestuously ogling his own daughter, and passing around pictures of his future First Lady posing in the nude. More importantly, he is partnered globally with countries, businesses and individuals who are certified enemies of our very country, which he so strongly keeps saying he wants to repair. Even more close to home, his economic plan, for us, the little people, to “make America great again” is to continue manufacturing his products in every place except America, while cutting taxes on the highest of the high levels of the wealthy (IE: his own tax bracket, not ours) by FIFTY percent. HALF. Yes, you read that correctly: With Trump, rich people start paying half as much in taxes, and the rest of us pay pretty much the same. How does that help you, again? This is why you’re kissing this man’s shoes and saying he is possibly an agent of the Lord? Seriously?

What floors me, Trump or not, is why any poor or middle class income family or individual would vote Republican in the first place, seeing as how, catering to the wealthy and keeping fingers crossed in hopes that the cash windfall will eventually “trickle down” to the rest of us, is the singular fundamental principle that the Republican party is based upon. While, conversely, Democrats’ base fundamental theory and principle is to attempt to work directly for the rest of us. This is why Republicans always bitch about “handouts” like welfare and government provided health care. In other words, for the middle and lower income families to throw Democrats under the bus and vote against them, makes about as much sense as pushing away the nurse who is right there with alcohol and bandages… to opt for the hope that your rich uncle will get off of his diamond encrusted sofa, to mail you a band-aid instead.


“If you truly feel that Donald fricking Trump should be the one who decides what you, as a sentient woman, are and aren’t allowed to do with your own damn body, God help you. You’re supposed to be the superior gender. Act like it.”


For what it’s worth, while people suckle at the teet of Trump’s God-graced economic “plan”, truth be told, it has already been completely laughed out of the building, as nearly all actual experts agree, that it will swiftly move our country back into a recession in under two years. Or worse.

That notwithstanding, for a man who would “Make America great again” Trump, in principle, wants to abandon all the things that contribute to our current greatness, all while he steals money from his own fraudulent “Trump Foundation” in order to erect six foot paintings of himself in the marble and gold adorned hallways of his private mansion. First of all, he seems to have zero respect for what is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, elsewise, the thought of building the Great Wall of Trumpopolis (which is not even possible, I might add) wouldn’t even fester inside his orange head. Secondly, he would grasp the basic concept of our First Amendment. Though Trump is on record as saying that he doesn’t have the entire Bill of Rights committed to memory just yet, which is rather shocking in and of itself, seeing as how there are only ten entries and it’s the single most important doctrine regarding the country he so desperately wants to run- come on Donald, it’s the very first one. Which kinda makes it the most important.

Speaking of those pesky Amendments, Trump likes to tell you that, if elected, Hillary will abolish the second one. You know, the one about guns. If you too are afraid of this, you should know, a President can’t really do that. Repealing a constitutional amendment requires a minimum of a 66% vote by congress and a ratification of 75% of the states. The President doesn’t even get a say in the matter, and the Supreme Court cannot repeal. Since Trump is counting on you not knowing that, there you go. Stop freaking out.

Furthermore, Trump has literally asked the question, “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?” seemingly not grasping the concept that even one nuclear strike could quite possibly send our entire planet into a nuclear winter, that would eventually kill off roughly all of life on it. Including America. Including you. That’s why we don’t use them, Donald, you f*cking moron. That’s why.


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As well, he has also, gone on record mind you, as saying he would “leave NATO”, putting the United States of America on a metaphorical island away from our partners in world peace, including Great Britain, France, Canada and so forth, not to mention wanting to leave the United Nations. Perhaps even more deplorable (there’s that word) he has also stated that he would pull Americans out of SE Asia and allow the Japanese, the evil North Koreans, and our friends the South Koreans to “fight amongst themselves with nuclear weapons” which is not only the ramblings of a madman, it instantaneously erases sixty-plus years of effort, especially efforts put forth by Americans fighting in the Korean War in the 1950’s. You know, the guys on M*A*S*H.

Domestically, Trump has already all but ruined our relationship with our neighbor to the South, by threatening to abandon the 24 year old North American Free Trade Agreement, signed into power in 1992 by George Bush Sr. Not only does this piss off Canada, not only does this most assuredly topple world economy (not just ours), the Mexican President has already stated that, if Trump is elected President, our 1848 treaty with them, signed into place at the end of the Mexican-American war, is off, and they would strongly consider taking Texas and other U.S. territories back. Even if you’re of the mindset of, “Bring ’em on! This is ‘Merica!” and completely discarding the loss of life that goes with fighting a fundamentally unnecessary war, go take a look at how much G.W. Bush’s lavish military spending has harmed our economy over the last 16 years. But you know that part, because you just lived it in 2008. Even though I do realize discussing a war with Mexico is hypothetical at this juncture, the fact that this charlatan trying to play King has already f*cked up our 168 year peaceful relationship with one of our two BFF countries (and he’s not even President yet)… is not.

Notice I haven’t even mentioned the lying, bigotry, misogyny, racism or xenophobia yet. If you want to believe these things are not true about Trump, the proof is out there… in one or two clicks I might add. Furthermore, how any woman can put her stamp on his ballot is unconscionable to me. Which probably begins and ends with realizing that a vote for Trump means you are literally check marking a box that says, “Yes, Donald Trump is qualified to decide if I should be allowed to have an abortion or not” because, not only does he wish to make it illegal, he also wants to spank you like a child and make you stand with your nose in the corner if you do. But I’ll just leave it at that. If you truly feel that Donald fricking Trump should be the one who decides what you, as a sentient woman, are and aren’t allowed to do with your own damn body, God help you. You’re supposed to be the superior gender. Act like it.


Meanwhile, what has Hillary done? You mean besides being given the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, the highest Pentagon medal given to private citizens or politicians? You mean, aside of earning the Liberty Medal for her positions in public service, and for her advocacy efforts towards more rights for women and girls worldwide? That’s only two things. More precisely, about 1/8 of what she achieved in just 2013 alone. Not to mention her staunch history in foreign policy, including the precarious Middle East, where she single handedly negotiated a major ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Truth be told, Mrs. Clinton has dozens more awards and accomplishments, most even greater than the ones I mentioned. But seeing as how Mr. Trump has zero, it’s enough. On the flip side, The Donald isn’t even President yet, and has Mexico loathing us and Australia mocking us… and that’s pretty hard to do, even for the especially inept.

But you want to talk about the bad stuff, right? Emails. I guess no one remembers this:

“22 White House officials including Karl Rove, the chief political strategist used private RNC email accounts for government business. “Political advisers to President Bush may have improperly used their Republican National Committee e-mail accounts to conduct official government business, and some communications that are required to be preserved under federal law may be lost as a result”, White House officials said Wednesday. “Of the 1,000 White House officials with political duties, 22 — including Karl Rove, the chief political strategist — have Republican National Committee accounts that are supposed to be used only for campaign-related work. But recent revelations that some officials have used those accounts for Bush administration business, including discussions of a plan to dismiss United States attorneys, has prompted a Congressional investigation.” – New York Times, April 12, 2007.

Which pretty much means folks, they all do it. Get over it. It has zero effect on your day to day life, unlike the Trump list above assuredly will.

Benghazi. I guess no one remembers the 56 Americans killed over 11 different American embassy & consulate incidents during the 8 years of the G.W. Bush administration era. It happens. It sucks, but it happens. Get over it.

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To conclude, you see, there is a reason that zero living former U.S. Presidents and First Ladies, including the Republican ones, are endorsing Trump. Zero.

There is a reason why many well respected Republicans are all crossing party lines to distance themselves from Trump, including Colin Powell and Mitt Romney, while American embarrassments like the KKK, David Duke and Sarah Palin all support him. Not to mention every White Supremacist group, every Neo-Nazi faction, and every anti-Semitic clan. Every. One.

There is also a reason why Bernie Sanders is supporting Hillary… which I would have serious doubts about him doing if she had truly “rigged” the California primaries against him, as some of you are wont to believe.

There is also a reason that all 45 living former economic advisors to the White House (IE – the people who figure out how to keep us from repeating the Great Depression and the Great Recession) all support Hillary… and do not endorse Trump.

There is a reason for all of these things, and none of them have anything to do with politicians being afraid of Trump’s “honesty”, or exposing the seedy and underhanded affairs of your everyday politicians. It’s simply because he is a complete idiot, and idiots with power are dangerous.

Just look at his track record: In 1973 he was sued for housing discrimination at 39 sites around New York. Currently Trump University is being sued by the state of New York for bilking students out of $40 million and violating New York law by operating without an educational license. Trump U is also the subject of two class-action suits in California. In 1991, a federal judge found Trump and other defendants guilty of conspiring to avoid paying union pension and welfare contributions for 200 undocumented Polish workers, working on one of his buildings. In 1987, the Federal Trade Commission fined Trump $750,000 for failing to disclose his purchases of stock in his two casino companies, Holiday and Bally, which exceeded minimum disclosure levels. In total, there have been 1,597 times Donald J Trump has been accused of crooked acts that warranted going to trial, and 236 of those times he was either found guilty or settled out of court.

But Hillary’s the crooked one, right? Amazing that the FBI has been investigating her for over a year, and has found nothing. Zero. Zilch. Sorry, but the last time I checked, 236 strikes is a lot worse than none. The worst thing that’s ever truly been tied to Hillary, is that her hubby Bill once sold pot as a college student.

But she’s just paying people off like the snake that she is, right? No, that’s Donald, again. Which is precisely why New York’s attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, is looking into his nonprofit foundation, which is facing intense criticism in light of a $25,000 political “donation” it made in support of Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, who ironically was set to investigate further wrongdoings from Trump University. Though to be fair, Mr. Trump and Ms. Bondi, a Republican who is supporting his presidential bid, have denied that there was any connection between the donation to a political group supporting her, and the eventual decision not to pursue an investigation into Trump University. Wink, wink.


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So the question remains, what exactly does Donald Trump bring to the table? I won’t even get into the whole “non politician” thing I alluded to earlier because, even though that may indeed sound refreshing, it also makes him intrinsically unqualified to hold the most powerful chair in the world. Having a law degree and being schooled in foreign policy are pretty important for a country that, ya know, has laws, and whose actions predicate how the rest of the entire planet will be affected. Trump has neither a law degree, nor a formal education in domestic affairs, foreign policy or military strategy. His entire source of knowledge and information in these areas folks, is television.

So that leaves two things: Aside of his four major bankruptcies, Trump is arguably a relatively capable business-person and a reality TV star- which in simple terms, makes him equally as qualified to run the United States of America as Kim Kardashian is.

Again, the point of this article is to stress that this is not the typical Red vs Blue hot air that we go through every four years. I myself voted for Reagan and George Bush Sr. The point is, is that if typical Donkey vs Elephant rhetoric is a pea, then this is the Moon. In fact, it’s not even “insider vs outsider” stuff, like Trump’s filthy rich, white supremacist-tied kids want you, the poor, gullible, uneducated Americans all clamoring for Papa Trump’s Great Orange Hope, to buy in to. This is a fundamentally and categorically dangerous man trying to play Pharaoh and Czar… (as well as name the Supreme Court for the next 20 years), and if he is elected by you, there is not only an insanely large degree of probability that the economy of the entire world will go south for a decade or more (are you willing to live on the street and beg for change for the next ten years? I’m not), Trump will also back out of the Paris Agreement and erase all current Global Warming initiatives. Not only is global warming a scientific fact (regardless of whether you bury your head in the sand and wish to believe it is a fairy tale), currently some scientists already predict that our oceans will be irreversibly 99% void of life by 2050. Lastly, if that alone doesn’t frighten you, his toyful ideas on how to proceed with Korea and NATO alone could easily spawn our entire planet into World War III, a month or less after his inauguration.

Donald Trump set out to scare you, by telling you that he is the only person who can protect you from the rhythm of the war drums, and how the world is a dangerous place. Well, he should scare you, because he will indeed make it one – the likes of which you cannot even begin to fathom. Even one, single, teensy misspoken word by a U.S. President can send Wall Street into a tailspin, or as you can see from his recent trip to Mexico, put a century long peace treaty in jeopardy. Or worse yet, divide a country. But he’s already done that too.

So forgive me for having issue when someone flippantly and haphazardly says, “Pfft. Politics. Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t” this time around. Especially if you are a person of influence trying to get a few cheap likes on Facebook. To even suggest this is a battle of “two evils” is heinously and inherently, irresponsible.


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