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Shay Caldwell Smartasses December 2016 Amazing Gal of the MonthAs the NFL season winds down towards the playoffs, people around the good old USA start to focus less on the gridiron, and more upon those crazy cagers dunking orange, rubber spheres on the basketball court. Which is a good thing, because our December 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month, who goes by the name MsPh0t0genic on her Instagram account, not only plays the sport quite well, she loves the Los Angeles Lakers almost as much as breathing.

Let us introduce you to Shay Caldwell. This exceptional model du mois, who auditioned for America’s Next Top Model back in February, says that the first thing to snag her brown eyes on a man is his clothing, style, and walk. When it comes to other women, curiously enough, it’s the facial expressions that she notices first. But ladies, don’t forget to walk like royalty– Shay Caldwell is all about Female Empowerment, so if you aren’t willing to carry on like a queen, she may just tell you to talk to the hand. As for the boys, if you don’t have goals for yourself, you’ll be breaking out the bag of Doritos and Grand Theft Auto on your Saturday nights, because Shay will most assuredly have better things to do.

When she’s not draining three-pointers or vogue-ing for the 35 millimeter, Miss December enjoys playing chef, playing pool, or creating art through drawing or poetry. She’s also a proud supporter of the All Lives Matter cause, and when it comes to that aforementioned and all important #FemaleEmpowerment, Miss Caldwell conjectures, “Be yourself, and don’t let anyone change you or the way you do things, or view yourself.”

Smartasses: So Shay, rumor has it that you have eight tattoos?

Shay: I have 8 tattoos. The first one is on my left arm and means music is my life. The second and third on my right arm are of my zodiac sign, Scorpio. The fourth one is on my left upper thigh, and to me it means that I am a gift, and I am special. The fifth one is on the lower part of my left thigh, that says faith, love and believe, representing the words I live by and my love for God. The sixth one is on my right upper thigh, symbolizing that I love art. The seventh one is on my lower thigh and it is a crown, standing for I am a Queen in my eyes. The final one is on the back of my left calf going all the way around. It is a clock with roses wrapped around it and a quote in the middle that says “If you never get lost, then you never get found.”

Shay Caldwell Smartasses December 2016 Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: What’s the biggest gig you’ve ever done?

Shay: I was asked for by name, and flown in to do a shoot for a company in Minnesota, who shall remain nameless.

Smartasses: A lot of people think stores begin playing Christmas music too soon. What date do you think is acceptable for retail stores to start pumping it out?

Shay: I believe they should start playing it, like a week and a half to two weeks before Christmas, to get everyone in the spirit. It is my holiday!

Smartasses: What are your plans for the holidays?

Shay: I am going to do some Christmas photo shoots and events. Other than that, just going to be with my family at the beach in Virginia for the week.

Smartasses: Any upcoming gigs we should know about?

Shay: My fashion business, Fynesse’ Fashions Inc. is having a Fashion Show in Fayetteville NC in January.

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Shay Caldwell – “The seventh one is on my lower thigh and it is a crown, standing for I am a Queen.”


20 Questions with Shay Caldwell – Miss December 2016

Shay Caldwell Smartasses December 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month1- The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: Not to follow my modeling career and get a 9-5 job.

2- The last good movie I watched was: Don’t Breathe.

3- My favorite pig out food is: Between bacon and mac and cheese. Can’t decide, I eat them both equally.

4- My favorite actress: Angela Bassett.

4B- My favorite actor: Johnny Depp.

5- My favorite childhood memory is: When I used to be in a dance group and we performed at a huge auditorium. It is a blur, but it was the best night of my life, being able to perform in front of so many people.

6- My favorite bands(s) or musical artist(s) is/are: Don’t have one. I am a music head. I love all types of music. If I had to choose I love Dubstep.

7- My most prized possession is: My car, and everything I have “Lakers”.

8- Who is your favorite shoe designer and what is your favorite pair of shoes? Michael Kors. My favorite pair of shoes are my leopard print heels, with the gold heel and red bottom.

Shay Caldwell Smartasses December 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month9- My personal hero is: Tyra Banks.

10- I’d give anything to: Be able to meet Tyra Banks and have a conversation with her, and show her my work.

11- I’ve never been able to: Fly out of the country for a modeling gig. I would love that.

12- The worst part of my job is: The miscommunication that goes on sometimes.

13- My fantasy is: A human ice cream sundae.

14- The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Liars.

Shay Caldwell Smartasses December 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month15- If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: The way I deal with certain things emotionally.

16- My most embarrassing moment was: When I was 12 years old, I went to a water park with my family and got on a big water slide I had been wanting to conquer for about 3 years. I got on the water slide and crossed my arms, I got excited in the middle of going down and let go. I got off the slide and was proud of myself. I was screaming and laughing and jumping up and down over and over. My parents and sister and brothers were laughing at me and pointing along with others around the park. (Including a huge crowd of guys standing near). My mom was hinting but I was not getting it. I finally looked down and noticed my entire halter top of my bathing suit had came up. I got upset and ran out the park.

17- Nobody knows: A little crazy.

18- My friends like me because: I speak my mind and I am loyal, always there for them.

19- Behind my back they say: I have a interesting personality.

20- My favorite color is: Purple.



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