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Smartasses Magazine Miss April May June 2017 Scarlet SkyieAvril Lavigne. Hayley Williams. Taylor Momsen. Chrissy Costanza. The further down the list you go, the more underground you get. Every Spring, right around the time we unveil the annual SMAG Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive, is the time of year where we bring to center stage one palpably peremptory whiz-bang woman, to be our featured April-May June Amazing Gal of the Month— and no one is more of a subterranean rock chick than the oft-worshipped, former front woman of Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend, the Bad Scene Bitch, Scarlet Skyie. Which means, sorry Mr Leafy Pants, our featured gal for all of 2017 is now the baddest girl on the Internet.

Though this velour voiced, one-time crunkcore rapper, whose real name is Sarah Uchiha, is indeed a world renown Bad Bitch who basically broke the Internet by brandishing a baseball bat and crushing smack in the UKMG Problem video, most of the time Miss Skyie is a kind soul who truly loves being there for people. In fact, philanthropy regarding those stricken with type-one diabetes is a cause that is particularly close to her heart. However, this Scene Queen is certainly not fishing for your compliments… despite the fact that she is, verily, significantly Better Than You.

When she’s not telling you to STFU, or laughing in your face while you bow down at her Chuck Taylors and cower before her particular version of Negan’s Lucille, Miss AMJ rejoices in frisbee and skateboarding, as well as “anything including art”, which may or may not include creative endeavors ranging from drawing and photography, to writing, painting and music. Where the opposite gender is concerned, this September born Virgo says the first thing she notices on a lad is the hair and eyes, especially if they’re black and blue… and in that order. However, she vehemently dislikes it when boys get selfish, or have trouble comprehending simple and self-explanatory things. Regarding other gals, she maintains that it’s basically a case of the same specific things that will catch her eye, though a particularly soft pair of lips will motivate her to turn her own swarth covered head too. As long as those girls aren’t gossip-filled and catty, that is.


Scarlet Skyie – “I definitely encourage the empowerment of women, because they need to express themselves and not be ridiculed by everyone else’s judgement.”


Smartasses Magazine Miss April May June 2017 Scarlet SkyieSmartasses: It’s such an honor to have you, Miss Skyie. Obviously, most of your fans are all too aware of your public “divorce” from Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend, which means the question everyone is asking is, will you get back into music again any time soon?

Scarlet: Yeah, we broke up for very complicated reasons that I don’t want to get into. Trying to stay away from the drama. I never got into another band, but have been offered many collaborations. I just haven’t accepted any. I have been wanting to do a more acoustic type deal, but, maybe if I’m offered something I can’t refuse in the future I will take it.

Smartasses: So what have you been up to since leaving the group?

Scarlet: I’ve been busy with jobs and personal life issues. I was doing some side stuff with another ex member, but it didn’t go well and I left that as well. All in all I am doing some modeling for the Teen Hearts clothing brand, and photography with my new boyfriend.

Smartasses: Sounds great. So I understand you have a lot of tattoos?

Scarlet: Yeah, I have nine tattoos. I have a semicolon on my wrist for suicide awareness, Jack Skellington, a rose on my hip because I like roses, Gir from Invader Zim, Pikachu and Hello Kitty because I drew them myself, and a Grim Reaper behind a headstone that says “13” for Friday the thirteenth. I also have “Stay Weird” with an alien on my other wrist, because there is not one person who does not think I’m weird. I also have a chest piece that says “It Never Ends” with roses on each side and blood surrounding it, signifying the beautiful things and deadly things in life never end, either way you want to look at it.


Smartasses Magazine Miss April May June 2017 Scarlet SkyieSmartasses: Awesome. You have quite a few piercings as well?

Scarlet: Nine piercings. One in my belly button, two on top of my lips and two on the bottom, and four gauges. I used to have three on the bottom and a septum, but I got rid of the middle lip ring because it closed, and the septum due to annoyance.

Smartasses: Not telling you anything you don’t already know here, but you come off as very strong and powerful in everything you do, especially the Problem video, and just have this awesome gleam in your eye that says you’re in control. You have to be a huge advocate of female empowerment, yes?

Scarlet: I definitely encourage the empowerment of women, because they need to express themselves and not be ridiculed by everyone else’s judgement. They need to be as equal as everyone else.

Smartasses: I have to ask, who wrote those awesome lyrics for Problem? The song has really become an anthem to a lot of subcultures.

Scarlet: Jon and I both did. It was mostly him, but I also am a poet, so I kinda showed him a better way to rhyme and put things that made more sense.

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20 Questions with Scarlet Skyie – Miss April-May June 2017

Smartasses Magazine Miss April May June 2017 Scarlet Skyie1: Meat or Vegetables? Meat.

2: The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? Walking Dead.

3: Supergirl or Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman.

4: Vans or Chuck Taylors? Chuck Taylors.

5: What is the one physical feature you are complimented on the most? My hair or tattoos.

6: The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: “You need to chill on tattoos.”

7: I’ve never been able to: Cross my eyes.

8: The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Lying.

9: Name a movie you can watch over and over? The Nightmare Before Christmas or Sweeney Todd.

10: My favorite pig out food is: Lasagna.

Smartasses Magazine Miss April May June 2017 Scarlet Skyie11: Tool or A Perfect Circle? Definitely Tool.

12: What was your worst subject in high school? English.

13: Betty or Veronica? Veronica.

14: What superpower would you dream of having? Being able to control matter.

15: My most prized possession is: My art.

16: Behind my back they say: A lot of things. But who cares? There’s always negativity.

17: Most bingeable show on Netflix? Dexter.

18: My favorite childhood memory is: Actually having friends around all the time.

19: How would you describe yourself in five words? Creative, outgoing, sweet, loyal and undying.

20: My favorite color is: Black as a shade, and purple as a color.


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