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Persephone Bleeds - Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month February 2016Winter Storm Jonas may have brought some houses down with the tonnage of all that snow, but we guarantee that no one brings the house down like our current Amazing Gal of the Month, Persephone Bleeds. It’s not even a question on whether or not she could be considered a tempest in her own right, given the way she flies in and out of your radar like the wind itself and thunder-strikes you with her in-your-face honesty. El Niño may have made the winter of 2016 one of the warmest on record, but even the most notorious of complex weather patterns can’t bring the kind of heat Miss Bleeds does. If she keeps it up, there’s little doubt the dudes and dudettes down at the World Meteorological Organization will name the next storm, Persephone.

It’s not astonishing to learn that Miss Bleeds began modeling as a way to break the shackles of small town boredom, and revels in creating images that reflect the deeper parts of her mind that outsiders could otherwise not explore. As far as why she prefers alternative modeling, listen to the elucidation from her lovely lips for yourself, “Because I can be myself and take it as far as I want. I’m in control. I like being in control.” Sounds to us like the very definition of our Amazing Gal of the Month.

When asked about life and how she licks it, or doesn’t, this luscious Libra almost accidentally encroaches into profoundness, “My life. I live it. I will live it till I die, and hopefully it gets better before it ends” then adds, “I don’t believe anything is ever truly accomplished. I believe there is always more to be accomplished. I believe it’s a never ending battle.” That may be a bit of an unvarnished truth for those of us peeking into this raven-haired goddess’ life, seeing as how photoshoots have almost become ho-hum given the countless photographers begging to Kodachrome her. But there is a short film in the works.

Persephone Bleeds - Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month February 2016However, if based on those answers, you believe that Miss February just prances about pontificating potboilers about promise and positivity, ponder again. Though, when asked about her take on other women, she’s nowhere near as catty as some of the other gals who’ve graced this column, “Well, they are great to look at. There are some pretty gorgeous ones out there, but in general they’re all beautiful. Some of them just don’t know it, and not just on the surface but in their souls. I think that is where true beauty can always be found.”

The outlook on the boys isn’t quite as forgiving, “Let’s be honest. You want to know what I really think about men? Half of the time, they’re just talking penises and not worth a moment of my time. But sometimes they make great friends and we have fun together. They also can hold their liquor.” Definitely not peaches and unicorns, but if you think that’s harsh, you definitely don’t want to ask for her opinion on charities, “I don’t really believe in charities, I like to watch people suffer.”

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Persephone Bleeds – “I like being in control. I wish I could have more power than I could ever imagine.”


20 Questions with Persephone Bleeds – Miss February 2016

Persephone Bleeds - Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month February 20161- The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: “You shouldn’t be gay. What are people going to think?” Obviously I did not take her advice.

2- The last good movie I watched was: It’s been so long since I saw good movie. Honest truth? Movies suck. I did read online that they are making a movie about H.H. Holmes. I’d like to see that. He was a great man and I think it’s about time they made a good movie about him.

3- My favorite pig out food is: Gummy candy.

4- My favorite actress/actor is: I don’t have favorites.

5- My favorite childhood memory is: Playing with my axe, smashing cars, or chasing little kids with my shiny red axe. I also had a lot of fun with my pellet gun, playing sniper and shooting at unsuspecting pedestrians and kids.

6- My favorite bands and musical artists are: Oh so many bands I like. Too many to name. I listen to Metal and Classic Rock mostly. For artists, I like Joel Peter Witkin, Louis Royo and Pierre Molinier.

7- My most prized possession is: My anatomically correct human heart I stole from high school biology class. It represents my heart. I give it to whomever I love, but I steal it back whenever I break up with them. It’s either that or my human vertebrae from the catacombs.

8- My most major accomplishment: I learned to truly not give a sh*t about what people think.

Persephone Bleeds Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month Feb 2016 059- My personal hero is: Ed Gein. He experienced life on a whole other level. I envy that.

10- I’d give anything to: Devastate the population.

11- I’ve never been able to: Sell my soul.

12- The worst part of my job is: They only ever see my surface.

13- My fantasy is: To be a serial killer, stacking bodies high for the rest of my life and never be caught.

14- The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Judgement based on looks and repetitive questions.

15- If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: I wish I could have more power than I could ever imagine.

Persephone Bleeds - Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month February 201616- My most embarrassing moment was: Embarrassment is for people who care what others think. I haven’t been embarrassed for a very long time.

17- Nobody knows: Just how psychotic I really am.

18- My friends like me because: They think I’m sweet, I’m honest, goofy and twisted. I can be rather charming too.

19- Behind my back they say: “Look at that ass”, and “Yes she is crazy.”

20- My favorite color is: Grey.

* Photo credits John J Daly, Lorelei Hoffarth Photography, Naughty Or Nice Boudoir, Chris Aune Photography.


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