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Nitrah Neon - SMAG November 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthNot that we here at Smartasses Magazine would ever consciously choose to employ the oft-looked-down-upon practice of labeling people, but it is worth noting that, if tea were not called “tea”, and coffee were not called “coffee”, we would have no way of conversationally discerning one hot wake-me-up beverage from the next. In that spirit, a “Scene Queen” is defined as a gal who often wears a significant amount of eyeliner, usually has hair of many different colors with a cut that is choppy at the top but long at the bottom, and typically sports bright, neon makeup and clothes. Hello Kitty necklaces and Chuck Taylors are optional. The Urban Dictionary definition then goes on to say that, Scene Queens are also often, in a band, have their own clothing line, and participate in some form of modeling. Well ladies and gentlemen, we here at SMAG have been crazy for these cute but badass alternative gals since our inception in 2006, and this month, you can add all three of those professions (and a fourth one as well) to the SQ resume, when we introduce you to the effervescent and multi-talented queen of every scene, Nitrah Neon.

Most of you know Nitrah as the Hip-Hop/Rap artist with in-your-face lyrics (especially on her top hit VIP), and album & song titles that don’t exactly play well with the Sunday morning mass crowd. However, she also tends to dip her toes into the pool that is alternative modeling, enjoys a little cosplay on the side, and indeed, has her own line of clothing, aptly entitled, Candlelit Clothing. As far as hobbies go, our Arizonian Amazing Gal of the Month also dabbles in photography & graphic design, and enjoys a little Muay Thai and swordsmanship to boot. Yes, swords. When asked about the first thing she notices on a bro, this January born Capricorn says “hair”, and also admits, much to our delight, that the first thing she notices on a woman are the eyebrows- as any good artist should. However, if you’re a rude girl, or a boy who gets emasculated easily, don’t be expecting any backstage passes from Miss Neon anytime in the near future. As far as charities go, Miss November certainly isn’t afraid to give back, and is a huge supporter of causes against animal cruelty and saving the oceans. To that latter one’s end, she adds, “I really want to open a non-profit to help save marine life in the future.”


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Nitrah Neon - SMAG November 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: So Nitrah, being that you’re 20, you would have been around 10 when the Scene Queen explosion happened. Would you say that you were a 5th grade Scene… Princess?

Nitrah: I definitely was. It wasn’t pretty though.

Smartasses: So tell us, out of all of your many professions, what is the one major accomplishment you would say that you are most proud of?

Nitrah: I released an EP, which I never thought I could do.

Smartasses: How about in terms of modeling? What is the biggest fashion show you have done?

Nitrah: I did a fashion show for Aveda a few years back.

Smartasses: Well you know we have to ask you about your clothing line too. Which piece is your fave?

Nitrah: Probably the Dead Inside crop tops I’m about to release later this month!

Smartasses: So switching gears here, what would you say is your particular role in female empowerment?

Nitrah: I always make sure to compliment women. We get way too much hate to not support each other!

Smartasses: Nice. So, any big plans for the holidays?

Nitrah: Probably finish up all my homework and drink a lot of champagne!

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Nitrah Neon – “I always make sure to compliment women. We get way too much hate to not support each other!”


20 Questions with Nitrah Neon – Miss November 2017

Nitrah Neon - SMAG November 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month1- The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? The Walking Dead!

2- Worst part about working for Hot Topic? Not getting paid on time.

3- Supergirl or Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman!

4- Vans or Chuck Taylors? Vans all day.

5- What is the one physical feature you are complimented on the most? My hair.

6- The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: Never tell anyone you love them.

7- I’ve never been able to: Snap.

8- The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Being closed minded.

9- Name a movie you can watch over and over. Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

10- My favorite pig out food is: Jalepeno pizza.

11- Tool or A Perfect Circle? Neither.

Nitrah Neon - SMAG November 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month12- What was your worst subject in high school? Math.

13- Betty or Veronica? Veronica.

14- What superpower would you dream of having? Teleportation.

15- My most prized possession is: My camera.

16- Behind my back they say: I’m really mean.

17- Most bingeable show on Netflix? Weeds!

18- My favorite childhood memory is: Going snorkeling in Thailand.

19- How would you describe yourself in five words? Hard-working, artistic, fun, hungry, bright.

20- Favorite color? Pink.


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