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Natasha Recasas January 2016 Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the MonthThe day has finally arrived, where we leave not only 2015 behind, but our illustrious Hot Chick of the Month column as well. In fact, we here at Smartasses Magazine have taken a painfully long two-month hiatus from doing what we do best– edifying the women of the world who our blue marble of a planet needs to be inundated with more of. But fret not gentle reader, we can assure you, that it is both with bells on and baited breath, that we march onward, ushering in this much more hip and with-the-times monthly think piece which you gaze your eyes upon now, the Amazing Gal of the Month.

If for some reason, you were inclined to take a peek at how Google defines this column, you’d see a description somewhere along the lines of “Forget the hometown hoochies, our Amazing Gal of the Month features Hollywood hotties and local lookers, who know how to exude a little female empowerment” and I can guarantee you folks, this column will focus very heavily on the latter. Which in and of itself, is really the best tidbit of insight one could hope for, as to precisely why, just like it was in January of 2011 when we opened the old column… that we chose the radiant, eminent, and elegant Natasha Recasas to crack the bottle of New Year’s champagne on this updated one.

To put it bluntly, Ms Recasas doesn’t have female empowerment, she is the very embodiment of it. We weren’t kidding when we billed her on her Smartasses Radio appearance as, “The Most Perfect Woman Alive”. Natasha doesn’t have to tell you to bow down… because you already want to. Not only does this Jamaican, Caribbean, British, Cuban and Indian mixed gal hold a masters degree in psychology, she is also an accomplished poet, who always seems to have an insightful and inspirational quote loaded in her bag of tricks. Furthermore, she runs a fashion blog held in so high of esteem within the industry, that even Loren Ridinger and Motives Cosmetics follow her on Instagram & Twitter.

Natasha Recasas January 2016 Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the MonthWe summed it up well back in January of 2011– “We here at Smartasses Magazine find Ms. Recasas to be the perfect combination of artistry and arrogance. An angelic goddess with level ten allure that makes her, to us, the quintessential woman. The scintillating lights scintillate a little brighter where she sits, and she doesn’t mind telling you. Her heel adorned, extensive long legs feel no remorse for treading on the cocky side of the tracks… likely due to her undeniable intellect, and the ensuing, silver acidic tongue it takes to back up each and every drop of that effervescent self-confidence. Partnered with the perfect portion of seductive shimmer in her eye, Natasha brings a deadly, intoxicating arsenal to the dance. She loves diamonds, flirting, and the opportunity for telling it like it is.” Suffice it to say, we still worship the ground she walks on so much here in 2016, we’ve even dedicated one of our Pinterest boards to her greatness alone.

But, lest ye think we just view her through rose-colored glasses, don’t take just our word for it. In fact, it’s ironically apropos that this ravishing raven-haired scorpio was locked in to be highlighted this month. Because the very second this article posts, the poll on the article before this one officially closes, where you, the reader, have proclaimed Natasha your Goddess, after voting her to the insanely deserved title of, the Smartasses Magazine 2015 Amazing Gal of the Year. Truth be told, if we had the means to build Her a throne, we would, because just like Her idol Adriana Lima, that is exactly where Natasha Recasas belongs.


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Natasha Recasas January 2016 Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: How were your holidays?

Natasha: It was wonderful. Giving. Filled with laughter, joy and precious gifts.

Smartasses: Best present you received this year?

Natasha: Health and My beautiful family all wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Family is everything to me.

Smartasses: You’re renown for your insightful quotes. Which is your favorite, and are there any you feel are a personal mantra?

Natasha: Honestly I just love inspirational quotes overall. Some I create on my own, some I quote from other inspirational artists. I personally feel that inspiring quotes are vital for self growth.

Smartasses: Talk about your Instagram giveaways. How does one enter those, and how does one win?

Natasha: Simply by following me on my Instagram @angeliqgoddess (personal) and @myfashionbyble (my newest fashion account). Details on how to win is mentioned in each giveaway.

Smartasses: So you’re doing a re-Grand Opening on your world famous fashion blog?

Natasha: No. I’m launching a completely new fashion blog site that will be up by the first week of the new year.

Ga-ga for Goddess Natasha? You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, listen to her August 11, 2014 interview on Smartasses Radio, and of course, Facebook.


Natasha Recasas – “Diamonds are forever.”


20 NEW Questions with Natasha Recasas – Miss January 2016

Natasha Recasas January 2016 Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month1 – Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? Neither. Macgyver (taking it all the way back).

2 – In your opinion, in all of history, which woman symbolizes Female Empowerment greater than any other? Oprah Winfrey.

3 – Besides yourself, who represents Female Empowerment the greatest in today’s society? Michelle Obama.

4 – How would you handle it and how would you stay busy if the Internet went down for a month? Ha! I’d freak out a bit to be honest lol but then I’d just go back to my pen and paper days. It’s good to take a break every now and then from social media. I think I’d manage.

5 – Best multi-purposeful article of clothing in your closet? Probably my all black Roberto Cavalli pumps. They almost go with everything.

6 – What’s your idea of the perfect date? Then: a long walk on the beach holding hands while getting lost in great conversation and each other’s eyes. Now: Netflix and chill, thigh high socks, wine or hot chocolate, cuddling, and being our hopeless romantic selves (hubby and I ).

7 – Annie Jaffrey or Lauren Conrad? Lauren Conrad.

8 – What is that something you have tried, But will never do it again? Trust anybody. Right now my circle so small I almost cut myself off.

9 – Wine. Red or white? Red.

10 – What is your biggest fear? Leggings being sold out, dropping my iPhone, not having any wifi.

11 – You’re finally given a throne and crown. Gold, Silver or Platinum? The “Queen of F*cking Everything” Crown!

Natasha Recasas January 2016 Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month12 – What do you do in your free time? I hardly have free time nowadays especially with my new 4 month old baby Isabella. But whenever I get a quick break I love playing my covet fashion game.

13 – Donald Trump. Yes or no? No. Don’t ask why!

14 – When upset, what do you usually do to feel better? Shopping. It cures just about anything.

15 – Most hated workout routine? Pretty much anything on leg day.

16 – Which habit are you most proud about breaking? Snacking way too much.

17 – Do illiterate people get the full benefit of alphabet soup? Lmao. Who made up this question?

18 – “I wear the heels so I make the rules.” True or False? True and false. Let’s not forget some guys wear heels too.

19 – Favorite “Green”? Kale, Forest green, and money.

20 – Diamonds, Emeralds or Rubies? Diamonds are forever.


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