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Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthThere was a time when we here at Smartasses Magazine, had a hard fast rule whilst creating our yearly annual Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive compendium, when we considered “Internet celebrities” and the like, “ineligible”. However, as we sit here now, well immersed into the age of Smart TVs and Netflix, the notion of such a ridiculous restriction sounds absurd even to us, and to consider that the likes of Taylor Parks, Annie Jaffrey and Tanesha Taylor may have never even graced our pages due to such an oversight seems not only unthinkable, but even borderline-sacrilegious here in 2017. Speaking of our annual list as well as all things 2017, there just so happens to be one other Internet celeb who dignified our Top 100 directory a mite eight months ago, and she also just happens to be our December 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month right this second. So let us please introduce you to the sparkling and chestnut-eyed gamer-girl that is, Miss Melonie Mac.

Melonie, an avid lover of all things Lara Croft, began her professional gaming career in 2010 after starting her YouTube channel and blog. Since that time, in addition to being named our illustrious #94 Sexiest Woman Alive last Spring, not only did she win the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Challenge, she has also co hosted Geoff Keighley’s YouTube Live at E3 and several episodes of the Nintendo Summer Showdown on the Disney XD channel. Growing up, this fantasy football afficianado and Pittsburgh Steelers fan says she was always obsessed with gymnastics, mostly so she could be more like the aforementioned Lady Croft, or Kimberly from the Power Rangers (Sorry Christina Masterson).

Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthAs far as other hobbies go that tickle Miss Mac Power Ranger pink, in addition to anime and being a Hawaiian who knows her way around a hotkey, this self-proclaimed introvert opines “I’ve always been quite artsy and I’m always trying new crafts and things. Before I started YouTube and streaming on Twitch it was my dream to be a comic book artist, so naturally drawing is a huge passion of mine and something I will always love to do, but lately I’ve dabbled in crochet and cross stitching. My next project I want to learn is sculpting.” When it comes to other people, this November born Scorpio says the first thing she notices on a person is a “gentle and kind aura”. As far as what she doesn’t dig, for the boys it’s one who is too aggressive, “Whether it’s a man trying too hard to prove their masculinity in dysfunctional ways or just plain having an anger problem, aggression is awful and cannot be reasoned with or lived with. The world needs love, patience, forgiveness, and compassion.” When it comes to the gals Melonie says she is not a fan “When women try to compete with each other and put other women down to make themselves look better. “I’m not like other girls.” That is incredibly toxic and insulting to women in general. All women are not the same and we each have wonderfully unique characteristics. Being a woman is awesome, and we should embrace each other and build each other up.”


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Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: So Melonie, what would you say is your most popular video?

Melonie: Fake Girl Gamers. It’s funny because many misinterpret the title expecting to see a video bashing “Fake Girl Gamers,” when the video is actually me calling out the idiots out there who think they have the authority to say who truly is and is not a real gamer based on unrelated factors, like what clothes people wear.

Smartasses: It feels like maybe there’s an underlying message there about Female Empowerment, which, video games still seems to be one remaining genre where women still face troubles in terms of getting respect. How do you support Female Empowerment?

Melonie: In every way I can! I try to be a voice for girls out there to let them know that I support what they are doing and I encourage them to keep chasing their dreams and harnessing that woman power we all have deep within.

Smartasses: Well it’s clear that you are trying to make the world a better place. Are there any charities you strongly believe in?

Melonie: Extra Life has always been close to my heart. It’s wonderful to help children in need while raising money through gaming marathons – such an incredible cause and I will continue to support it for many years to come.

Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: Well you know we have to ask you about Tomb Raider. Favorite Tomb Raider Game and why?

Melonie: This is so hard for me because I’m so obsessed with the series, but if I HAD to choose, I’d say Tomb Raider 3. The variety of locations from India, London, The South Pacific, Area 51, and Antarctica are incredible and packs so much variety and fun in one game. It is also known as one of the most, if not THE most, challenging Tomb Raider game ever. I find I change my answer a lot between Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3, but right now it’s 3 for sure.

Smartasses: How often do you have to call upon Stella’s walkthroughs to make it through a TR?

Melonie: Honest answer, I’m a try-hard when it comes to Tomb Raider so my pride has always prevented me from using walkthroughs. However, when I go back to re-beat the games I often go to Stella’s website to find the cheat codes that are oh so fun to use. She’s a legend and an asset to the Tomb Raider community, I adore her.

Smartasses: So who are your biggest inspirations?

Melonie: Fictional: Lara Croft. I can confidently say she changed my life. I grew up pretty sheltered and seeing Lara was really the first time I had seen women portrayed in a strong light like that. She gave me strength throughout my life to be the person I wanted to be and chase the dreams I wanted to chase. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if it was not for Tomb Raider.

Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthReal Person: My dad. He is incredibly strong and served 21 years in the infantry, but despite all that he has always been so kind and gentle hearted. My dad is a man of compassion and reason, he does not lash out in anger and he chooses his words carefully. However, I’ve seen him outright fight a man to defend my mother, so it’s really amazing having such a wonderful father in my life who practices love and compassion with every living creature every day, but who will also fight for those he loves without hesitation. I aspire to be as good of a person as he is.

Smartasses: That’s awesome. So, what are your plans for the holidays?

Melonie: I like to keep things simple, so likely staying at home with the boyfriend baking holiday cookies and watching movies like Elf and Die Hard, then visiting friends for the New Year, and family for our own belated Christmas celebration.

Editor’s note: Yes, Die Hard *is* a Christmas movie!

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Melonie Mac – “I encourage [girls] to keep chasing their dreams and harnessing that woman power we all have deep within.”


20 Questions with Melonie Mac – Miss December 2017

Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month1- The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? The Walking Dead.

2- The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: Be single and live at home forever and ever (she loves my boyfriend too much now to want this any more, however)

3- Supergirl or Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman!

4- What is the one physical feature you are complimented on the most? My eyes.

5- Angelina Jolie or Alicia Vikander? They’re both perfect.

6- I’ve never been able to: Stay on an efficient laundry schedule.

7 – Vans or Chuck Taylors? Vans.

8- The best comic character ever is: Lara Croft (she has her own comics, it counts).

Melonie Mac SMAG December 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month9- Name a movie you can watch over and over. Underworld.

10- My favorite pig out food is: Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

11- What superpower would you dream of having? Invisibility.

12- What was your worst subject in high school? History.

13- Betty or Veronica? Veronica.

14- The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Aggression.

15- My most prized possession is: My Tomb Raider collection.

16- Behind my back they say: I’m immature.

17- Most bingeable show on Netflix? Orange is the New Black.

18- My favorite childhood memory is: Playing Tomb Raider with my brothers.

19- How would you describe yourself in five words? Sensitive, goofy, affectionate, open-minded, artsy.

20- Favorite color? Purple.


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