Kate Hazzard – October 2016


Kate Hazzard - Smartasses Magazine September 2016 Amazing Gal of the MonthFor those of you who follow SMAG religiously, you are already fully aware that there’s almost nothing we love more than featuring alternative models in our monthly Amazing Gal of the Month column. Whether it’s Felice Fawn, Samantha Kush, Abby Rezz, Persephone Bleeds, the “face” of Smartasses Magazine Niobe Noir, or Brianna J Garcia whom we officially decreed to be a god last March, there’s no doubt that we’d bow down and kiss the ground any of these dark-side deities tread upon in their delicious platform kicks.

Being that it is October, the quintessential month of everything ominous and eerie, we figured, based on everything uttered in the paragraph above, who better then, to feature this time around than Our Bloody Valentine from February 2014, the Belarusian Leo and celestial avant-garde divinity that is Kate Hazzard.

Though she no longer participates in Belarus professional wrestling in between peacocking for polaroids, she’s still a Marilyn Manson fan, still complicated & aggressive, and still sufficiently suited to be your tour guide to Taboo Town. However, since it has been thirty-three months since we last glorified this brown-eyed supreme being, we figured it was high time to pull her throne out of the closet, polish it up, and give everyone yet another shot at worshipping at her jujitsu trained heels.


Kate Hazzard – “Beautiful, strong, courageous, dexterous, and skillful.”


Kate Hazzard - Smartasses Magazine September 2016 Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: So what have you been up to since we last spoke in February of 2014?

Kate: I moved to Japan, and really imbued the culture here. I’ve now practiced wrestling in Japan, went to Disneyland, and have met many very important people. I also visited Myanmar, which was a shock for me, because that’s where I came upon a huge running rat right there in the streets!

Smartasses: Are you still wrestling for New Belarus Pro Wrestling or are you mostly managing and being a valet?

Kate: Belarus Pro Wrestling “died” for me after going to Japan and my engagement in wrestling here with World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, so I decided to leave Belarus Pro Wrestling.

Smartasses: Have you mixed your loves of fashion and sewing to design any new clothes lately?

Kate: Yes! I sewed a portupei, which is a sword-belt.

Smartasses: Any exciting shoots, or tv/film appearance we can look forward to in the near future?

Kate: Ha ha. A new photo shoot? Hmm… what kind? Well, to be honest, this is a secret. You’ll have to wait… but I can say that it will be – BOMB!

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20 NEW Questions with Kate Hazzard – Miss October 2016

Kate Hazzard - Smartasses Magazine September 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month1 – What was your most fun moment in life? Skydiving.

2 – Has anyone ever asked you 100% seriously to marry them? Yes, many, many, many times!

3 – What is your Can’t Miss TV show? I don’t really have any favorite TV shows.

4 – What is your favorite sports car? Ford Mustang!

5 – What is your “Inane Superpower” (climbing stairs really fast, not making a mess when you cook, etc)? Lots and lots of sleep.

6 – What superpower do you dream of having? To be able to suggest and implant thoughts in others.

Kate Hazzard - Smartasses Magazine September 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month7 – Which famous person would you like to be? Lady Gaga.

8 – What is something you learned today? I learned that autumn has come and you need to dress warmer.

9 – If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? I’d make it so children and homeless animals are never starving.

10 – Do you have any phobias? Yes! I am afraid of insects crawling into my ear!

11 – New York, LA, Paris or Milan… and why? Los Angeles. This is my dream.

12 – If your job caused you to move, which country besides the US would you choose to live in? Japan.

13 – What is your favorite cocktail? Any fruit cocktail.

Kate Hazzard - Smartasses Magazine September 2016 Amazing Gal of the Month14 – Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Too hot. Only.

15 – Boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs? Boxer-briefs.

16 – Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

17 – If you could bring one album to a deserted island with you, what would it be? Marilyn Manson.

18 – If you had to give up one of the two, which would it be – Car or Cellphone? Car!

19 – Taylor, Avril or Ariana? Ariana.

20 – How would you describe yourself in five words? Beautiful, strong, courageous, dexterous, and skillful.


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