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Christine Lee Smartasses Magazine January 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthFor our inaugural Amazing Gal of the Month of 2017, we bring you Christine Lee, a Philadelphia Phillies fan who has been doing this whole modeling thing for well over a decade. An aspiring actress, Christine is a former Hawaiian Tropic model who has been featured on everything from calendars to the cover of GEMZ and Bikini magazine.

To dig a little deeper, you should know that this generous Gemini loves any charity that supports children or the homeless, and when she isn’t posturing for polaroids, she enjoys watching movies, working out, and of course, shopping. Socially, Miss Christine has little time for girls who are too green with envy, and as far as the boys go, trust us… you best not be cheap. She also has a message for the bullies of the ensuing Trumpmerica stating, “I fortunately never experienced any racial bullying, but I hope all these stupid racist bullies wise up, and start treating everyone equally, with respect for every race.” As far as female empowerment goes, this June born jujube says “I try to teach and give advice to all women– How they can look and feel their best.”

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Christine Lee – “I hope all these stupid racist bullies wise up.”


20 Questions with Christine Lee – Miss January 2017

Christine Lee Smartasses Magazine January 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month1- The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: I don’t remember, ha ha!

2- The last good movie I watched was: The Revenant.

3- My favorite pig out food is: Korean barbeque.

4- My favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn.

4B- My favorite actor: Brad Pitt.

5- My favorite childhood memory is: Having a Christmas party with family.

6- My favorite musical artist is: Michael Jackson.

7- My most prized possession is: My watch.

8- Who is your favorite shoe designer and what is your favorite pair of shoes? Vince Camuto, and my Wedge Heels.

9- My personal hero is: All the successful entrepreneurs.

10- I’d give anything to: Myself! Ha ha!

11- I’ve never been able to: Act.

12- The worst part of my job is: It’s not stable.

Christine Lee Smartasses Magazine January 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month13- My fantasy is: Having it all.

14- The one thing I cannot stand in people is: They can be flaky.

15- If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: My height .

16- My most embarrassing moment was: I couldn’t act at a huge Korean movie audition.

17- Nobody knows I am: A stuffed animal collector.

18- My friends like me because: I’m real, exciting, and funny.

19- Behind my back they say: I have a bad temper.

20- My favorite color is: Blush.


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