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Smartasses Magazine Miss August 2017 Bridget GrahamCertainly you’ve heard us mention The most beautiful women come from the Pacific Northwest, and with good reason. Not only have 25% of our magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive winners all hailed from Vancouver, not only did the Seattle Sea Gals come in at number two when we rattled off the Hottest Cheerleaders of the NFL a couple of years ago, but last month’s Amazing Gal of the Month, DJ Rhiannon comes from Rain City as well. Bridget Graham is no exception, and seeing as how it’s been two whole years since we picked this Canadian Leo’s grey matter, we decided to check in for updates.

Smartasses: So tell us what you’ve been up to since we last spoke in September 2015, when your Pixels appearance was the topic du jour?

Bridget: Quite a bit actually! I moved to the incredible Vancouver, had my first starring role in a feature, and am now creating my own web-series that I wrote and am playing one of the leads in.


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Smartasses Magazine Miss August 2017 Bridget GrahamSmartasses: Indeed. Talk to us about this web-series you’ve written.

Bridget: The web-series is a comedy about three young, struggling actors trying to make their dreams happen. It stars myself and my two very talented friends Jeremiah Oh and Ryan Jinn. It follows the trio, through struggles myself and my friends in the industry have faced. The main struggle I focus on is juggling the demanding and time-consuming task of constantly working on your craft and career with having a life outside of acting. When you’re putting time and energy into your career and working a day job it’s hard to incorporate a relationship, friendships and hobbies. In the series, two of the characters struggle with enjoying their youth (…they maybe party a little too much) with their auditions. We can get a six page audition at any time – It makes us flakey. I’ve had weekend trips planned, or friends’ birthday parties and if I get a big audition I just have to cancel everything and not look back. It’s a tough balance between living in the moment and focusing on the future, especially when it sometimes feels like there’s a time limit to success in this industry.

Smartasses: Tell us about your upcoming role in Dangerous to Know, aside of the fact that you got to keep your first name for your character.

Bridget: In the psychological thriller Dangerous to Know I play a troubled young woman who has just been released from a mental institution and is sent to her brother’s cabin to recover. It was fun to get to play a character whose morality is questionable. It really forced me (and the talented writer/director David Simpson) to focus on her intelligence and resilience to make her likeable to the audience.

Smartasses: Does being called by your real name on the day help at all? Or, as an actress, do you get so immersed in your character that it doesn’t really matter?

Bridget: It was actually really interesting answering to my own name when I was playing a character who’s very different from me. One of the characters even calls me “Bridgey” which both of my parents call me. I think in some ways it made it more challenging to keep myself in the scene as “Bridget Douglas” instead of “Bridget Graham” but it also made some of the moments feel very real and personal.

Smartasses: Looks like you gave up on Twitter. What gives?

Bridget: I just felt like I didn’t have anything important to say that I could condense to 140 characters or less.

Smartasses Magazine Miss August 2017 Bridget GrahamSmartasses: So how has Trumpmerica affected Canada?

Bridget: It seems like it’s mostly entertainment to most of us at the moment. It’s scary, but so far it hasn’t had a huge affect on Canada so I think we’re all either trying to ignore it or laughing at it.

Smartasses: You’re a rare person who actually can look great in any color of hair. But we’re curious, what made you go to black, and why’d you switch back to the blonde?

Bridget: I dyed it black for my role in Dangerous to Know. I always planned to dye it back to blonde once we wrapped. I’m naturally blonde. My mom hated the black hair, haha. I’m happy to look like my family again.

Smartasses: As an actress, singer, acoustic guitar player and overall entertainer, what do you feel your role is in female empowerment?

Bridget: In the web-series I wrote, I touch on sexism in the acting industry. I’m happy to be writing my own script, I feel like I finally have a voice to bring to light the issues I’ve faced in my five or so years in the industry, sexism being one of them. I’m hoping once it comes out it can make other women feel related to and empowered.

Smartasses: Speaking of your music, it’s incredible. Please tell us there is more on the way?

Bridget: Thank you! Yeah, actually. I’ve been writing music lately and am planning to record a new song within the next month. I put music to the side for a long time and am finally getting back into it.

Smartasses: Anything else on the horizon that we need to know about?

Bridget: I think you covered it! But I’ll keep you updated!

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Bridget Graham – “I’m hoping once [my web series] comes out it can make other women feel related to and empowered.”


20 NEW Questions with Bridget Graham – Miss August 2017

Smartasses Magazine Miss August 2017 Bridget Graham1 – What was your funniest moment in life? I remember staying up late with my big brother laughing until we cried when I was a kid, I don’t remember what we were laughing at. Definitely some moment involving my hilarious siblings.

2 – Has anyone ever asked you 100% seriously to marry them? Not an official proposal, no. But it has been brought up to me seriously.

3 – What is your Can’t Miss TV show? I’m obsessed with Brooklyn Nine Nine at the moment.

4 – What is your favorite sports car? I don’t know anything about cars, I don’t even drive. Anything electric.

5 – What is your “Inane Superpower” (climbing stairs really fast, not making a mess when you cook, etc)? Picking things up with my feet.

6 – What superpower do you dream of having? I would love to have healing powers.

7 – Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears cereal or Teddy Grahams Dizzy Grizzlies cookies? I’ve honestly never had either. I feel like it’s more likely that the cereal would be vegan, so I’m going with that.

8 – Which famous person would you like to be? Well, I’m pretty happy being myself. If I had to pick, probably Margot Robbie. Her career is pretty enviable at the moment.

9 – If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? I would make everyone a little more empathetic. I think if it wasn’t so easy for a lot of people to mentally block out important issues like factory farming, sexism, racism and poverty the world would be a much better place.

10 – Do you have any phobias? I’m nervous around spiders, but I’m starting to handle my fear better. Water scares me, but I still wake-board, kayak and swim.

Smartasses Magazine Miss August 2017 Bridget Graham11 – Betty or Veronica… or Josie? Betty.

12 – If your job caused you to move, which country besides the US would you choose to live in? Tonsai. It’s a tiny town on an island in Thailand that I fell in love with. They only have power for like eight hours a day and all the locals are so nice. It’s also an amazing place to rock climb, which I love.

13 – What is your favorite cocktail? I don’t drink, but me and my sister made virgin Mango daiquiris yesterday and they were amazing. Does that count?

14 – Please select from the following: The most beautiful women in North America hail from A: Arizona B: Ohio C: Tijuana D: The Pacific Northwest. All of the above.

15 – Supergirl or Wonder Woman? Both!

16 – True or False? – The Vancouver Travel & Tourism board needs to adapt the phrase, “Vancouver BC. It’s vannn-tastic!” sooner, rather than later. Haha, I love it! True.

17 – If you could bring one album to a deserted island with you, what would it be? My first instinct is to say Abbey Road by the Beatles. The songs on there never get old – I should know because my dad played every Beatles album on repeat when I was a kid.

18 – If you had to give up one of the two, which would it be – Car or Cellphone? Car. Again, I don’t drive.

19 – Taylor, Avril or Ariana? Avril. She was my idol when I was ten.

20 – How would you describe yourself in five words? Passionate, adventurous, creative, sensitive, empathetic.


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