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Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month - Benita Robledo August 2016If you’re like most people, you probably think of August as that month with no holidays. Sure, there’s always Labor Day, but not unlike Toledo feeling more Michigan’y than Ohio-ish, Labor Day has always seemed like more of a September thing. Well fear not, gentle reader. As all wise Smartassaholics know, Amazing Gal of the Month day here at Smartasses Magazine is always a fiesta, and this month is no different. Furthermore, since we’re on the subject of red letter days, we felt August was exactly the opportune time we were looking for, to catch up with a truly Amazing Gal we haven’t spoken to since our Christmas 2015 episode of Smartasses Radio, the charming and effervescent, Benita Robledo.

Though most people know this brown-eyed Cancer from Gossip Girl, Interns of F.I.E.L.D, MTV’s Teen Wolf, Dependent’s Day or Marvel’s Agent Carter, fans of our rag and accompanying podcast also know Miss Robledo from her Fifteen More Minutes interview back in 2012, her countless appearances on the aforementioned Smartasses Radio, or her quartet of visits to our annual Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive each year.

But what has this lovely lass from the land of longhorns been up to lately? We wanted to know the same thing:


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Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month - Benita Robledo August 2016

Smartasses: So we heard Teen Wolf recently got cancelled by MTV. Are you sad to be done with the show?

Benita: Very, but that’s the nature of the business. It was a great show to be a part of. I’m glad I got to join the family as long as I did.

Smartasses: Let’s talk politics. What’s your take on all of this Donald Trump business?

Benita: I have too much respect for this country to vote for a racist demagogue.

Smartasses: We’ve noticed that you’ve recently been very vociferous about this whole Texas Textbook scandal?

Benita: Education is one of the greatest tools a nation has at its disposal. We cannot allow it to be corrupted by companies looking to push an agenda over facts. Especially when their agenda will indoctrinate kids with the lies of bigotry and racism. True education teaches us that we’re all more alike than we are different. That each “group” of people has measurably contributed and improved our country as a whole. Also, can we just lay off brown people for a while?! kThanks.

Smartasses: Let’s go back to more fun stuff. We’ve also heard recently that you’ve started some beauty tip videos on the Icon Network?

Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month - Benita Robledo August 2016

Benita: They’re fun little videos for looking your best while you travel. I’m a pretty low maintenance gal myself, so it caters to women who want to hurry up and get out the door for the next adventure.

Smartasses: So tell us about your latest directorial project, The Social Engineer.

Benita: It’s my first directing project! Man, it was so exciting taking on that challenge. I felt like I grew as an artist and a person.

Smartasses: Well this has been fun catching up. What can we look forward to from Benita next?

Benita: More content created by yours truly. Whether producing, writing or directing I’m all about getting my own voice out there.

Bats for Benita? Check out her official social networking sites on our Benita Robledo Bio page, including her official website and even Pinterest!


Benita Robledo – “I have too much respect for this country to vote for a racist demagogue.”


20 Questions with Benita Robledo – Miss August 2016

Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month - Benita Robledo August 20161 – The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: That skirt is too long.

2 – The last good movie I watched was: The Overnight.

3 – My favorite pig out food is: Doritos. I will eat a party size bag in one sitting.

4 – My favorite actress is: Lucille Ball. Her jokes STILL land.

4.2 – My favorite actor is: Nicolas Cage. He’s so fun to watch!

5 – My favorite childhood memory is: Playing Magic the Gathering with my big brother. I thought he was so cool.

6 – My favorite musical artist is: Andrew Bird.

7 – My most prized possession is: My books. All of them.

8 – My most major accomplishment: Learning to manage my OCD.

Smartasses Magazine Amazing Gal of the Month - Benita Robledo August 20169 – My personal hero is: Dolores Huerta.

10 – I’d give anything to: Teleport.

11 – I’ve never been able to: Teleport.

12 – The worst part of my job is: The waiting.

13 – My fantasy is: To be able to make art every day.

14 – The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Lack of empathy.

15 – If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: I’d learn to enjoy relaxing more.

16 – My most embarrassing moment was: Tripping on my costume and landing flat on my face in front of a packed house.

17 – Nobody knows I am: An introvert.

18 – My friends like me because: I never judge them.

19 – Behind my back they say: We’re adults. We talk stuff out, instead of harboring resentments.

20 – My favorite color is: Turquoise Blue.


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