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Ashleysha Yesugade Smartasses Magazine Oct 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthThough Will Rogers was born to a prominent Cherokee Nation family in Indian Territory (now a part of Oklahoma), there’s a very good chance he never visited the city of Mumbai in that country where Christopher Columbus believed he had landed in, way back in the year of 1492. So, what does a legendary vaudeville cowpoke have to do with Smartasses Magazine’s near-legendary Amazing Gal of the Month column, you ask? Well, dear reader, if you’ve ever taken that famous road trip from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, you are more than well aware that the Will Rogers Highway you most likely traveled upon, is also known as, Route 66.

This month, we here at SMAG are doing a kind of Route 66 of our own. Six months out from our twelfth annual Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive presentation last April, and six months away from our thirteenth, we are featuring a lovely lady who landed on that glory-filled list of female-empowerment bastionettes herself, when she was named our readers’ choice for the SMAG Amazing Gal of the Year… yes, you guessed it… six years ago. So please, remove your convertible top, take a deep breath, grab a nice cool compress for your forehead, and reintroduce yourself to the electrifying, Ashleysha Yesugade.


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Ashleysha Yesugade Smartasses Magazine Oct 2017 Amazing Gal of the MonthSmartasses: So tell us what you’ve been up to since we last spoke in April of 2011?

Ashleysha: I have been doing the usual work wise, as in shooting for print and commercial. I shot for few editorials and brands, and of course I was also in your magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest list in 2012, 13 and 14. This year, I am considered to be listed in the Top 10 of Asia’s hottest women for 2017. Personally, I am at a good space right now, discovering myself and others better. In your teens your understanding of people and the world is different than what I understand now. It is very important for me to be constantly growing… and becoming a better version of myself each day.

Smartasses: You know, there seems to be a great deal of confusion about your age. What’s the story there?

Ashleysha: Even though I’m young, I strongly feel age is just a number. Ten years down the line, I’ll be as good as I am now, maybe even better.

Smartasses: What would you say your role is in female empowerment?

Ashleysha: Women empowerment… well women need to feel free to express, and be themselves without being judged. I’m doing my part in my own way. The way I see it, if as a woman you do a job which you love, like I do, it automatically empowers you. Like I love my profession, I love being an animal activist.

Smartasses: Anything up and coming we need to know about?

Ashleysha: Lots going on. 2017 has been fabulous so far, Yay! I shot for a few print campaigns – like the Skechers shoes digital print campaign, a La Senza advert, and Mohaa by Gitanjali jewels recently. I’ve also done some fashion films and I am going to be listed in Asia’s Top 10 Supermodels of 2017 list. That magazine should be out soon. Apart from that I’m thinking of starting up an online clothing store.

Ashes to ashes for Ashleysha? Listen to her interview with us right here on Smartasses Radio, check out our Ashleysha Yesugade Bio on the SMAG Network, or check her out on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram!


Ashleysha Yesugade – “Women need to feel free to express, and be themselves without being judged.”


Only 13? NEW Questions with Ashleysha Yesugade – Miss October 2017

Ashleysha Yesugade Smartasses Magazine Oct 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month1- What was your funniest moment in life? Tooo many of them. Hard to tell which one is funniest of all.

2- Has anyone ever asked you 100% seriously to marry them? Happens all the time (said with a big grin).

3- What is your Can’t Miss TV show? Nah, I don’t watch TV. I prefer reading, writing, or going out for a walk or play with my pet cats instead. Sometimes I do like to watch comedy stuff or cartoons.

4- What is your favorite sports car? Bugatti Chiron.

5- What is your “Inane Superpower” (climbing stairs really fast, not making a mess when you cook, etc)? Patience. Haha!

6- What superpower do you dream of having? Being headstrong.

7- Would you ever dye your hair pink or green, or another crazy color? Sure. I have already colored it pink and red.

8- Do you have any phobias? Yes, I fear water and heights.

9- If your job caused you to move, which country would you choose to live in? India.

10- What is your favorite cocktail? I quit drinking, been a year. So now my fave drink is cold coffee.

Ashleysha Yesugade Smartasses Magazine Oct 2017 Amazing Gal of the Month11- If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? I would like to see a happy, peaceful, and compassionate world. People being kind and compassionate, and I’d change the animal laws to stricter ones so that there’s no cruelty. It’s a dream. One day hopefully.

12- If you had to give up one of the two, which would it be – Car or Cellphone? I don’t mind giving up on both.

13- How would you describe yourself in five words? 1- Rebel. I like to live life on my terms. 2 – Ambitious. 3 – Kind, but unfriendly, because I don’t like drama b fake! I don’t like to have too many friends. Love to be in my own space. Kinda loner. 4 – Moody. 5 – Extremist.


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