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Marie Avgeropoulos, is taking the world by storm, and we don’t mean only in “Thunder” Bay.

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Marie Avgeropoulos - Fifteen More Minutes | Smartasses MagazineSeeing that Marie Avgeropoulos (@iamAvgeropoulos) is month-in and month-out one of the largest draws to our network of websites, we figured it might be a good idea to actually take fifteen minutes to catch up with her, find out what’s going on, how to pronounce her name correctly, and perhaps collectively ‘crack the code’ as to why this insanely quick Hollywood up-and-comer can’t seem to get any blue-checkmark-verification-love from the Twittergods.

Says Marie, “Yes indeed, low on the Twitter followers. It seems to be a lost cause that no one really has a lot of info on. The assistant though did write this: ‘Take a picture of you holding a sign that says, ‘My real Twitter is ‘@MarieAvgeropou1’ All others are fake!’ That will hopefully get the job done. Twitter will only verify accounts if they’re over 100K followers, and unfortunately, verifying accounts isn’t open to the public.’ So by the sounds of it, people don’t even have the power, and only the powers that be at Twitter do? Maybe on the next photo shoot I have then, when I’m all dolled up, I’ll have to hold up a f*cking stupid sign that says “CAR WASH @Marieavgeropou1” in some stupid bikini with soap everywhere, lol. But I’m kind of okay with it for now. I’m still kinda new at this whole actress thing (only been 3 years-ish) but once stuff starts airing like crazy… I’m sure they’ll find me.

For those of you wondering, yes, Marie does have a potty-mouth sometimes, which she refers to as her “Thunder Bay Accent”. It’s aptly named, being that she is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, but now splits her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver BC. Strong language isn’t the only non-girly thing this two-timer to the Smartasses Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive does, she also owns a 1200 CC Harley, a 110 pound Cane Corso dog, has played drums for nine years now (especially Classic Rock), does kickboxing and Zumba fitness to stay fit, and states “I am obsessed with fishing… recently learning how to spear fish (where you dive in the water with them, not in a boat, and be stealth and shoot one with a gun. Yum.”

But a lot of that stuff you already know from her profile on IMDB, her official Facebook page and from her Bio Page here on the Smartasses Network. We want to dig deeper into all that is Marie Avgeropoulos, and perhaps she said it best herself when we asked about starring in Hunt To Kill with Stone Cold Steve Austin, “I’ll throw Steve a bone because he was a sweetheart to work with and it was a blast shooting in the rainforest, but I have a thousand newer, more badass things to talk about.” So dim the lights, here we go…


Smartasses: Well we certainly know you have a lot of upcoming projects, which we’ll get to in a minute. But just for fun, what’s your current favorite movie or TV show that would be cool to play in, or perhaps… would have been cool to play in?

Avgeropoulos: True Romance takes the cake. The cast was loaded like a gun. Dark, sexy, funny, and thrilling. Patricia Arquette nailed that fight scene on the head with the perfect balance of bravery meets insanity.

Smartasses: Good answer. As far as the acting goes, we know Vancouver and Los Angeles are certainly the hot spots to be in. But we’re curious, do you still maintain a residence in Ontario? Or are you pretty much a full time BC/Cali girl now?

Avgeropoulos: I live in Los Angeles, been here about a year now. Vancouver was a great place to bud my career, but only being able to ride my Harley a few months out of the year where the weather is freezing, raining or snowing was a bit of an issue. In sunny So-Cal I can ride the hog all year round. But I love going home back to Thunder Bay and re-grouping with the outdoorsy gal in me.

Smartasses: Allrighty then. Here’s a good one for all of your fellow Canadians- what hockey team do you root for?

Avgeropoulos: I started my journey after college in Vancouver, so by default I felt like the locals there would beat me down for not screaming for the Canucks like a true puck bunny. I mean, did you not hear about those hockey riots? Canadians claim to be “polite pushovers” until you mess with their hockey.

Smartasses: You’re hilarious. My guess is that you’ve got the kind of sardonic nature that when something irritates you, you probably chomp at the bit to go after it with witticisms. So please, take the soapbox and give me a TV commercial you hate.

Avgeropoulos: Any commercial advertising medicine. How can you expect to show a 30 second montage of happy people smiling, holding hands, and singing Kumbaya while the voice over says the extreme opposite… “take this and experience death in 3D, shingles, werewolf syndrome… smallpox…”.

Smartasses: Ha. We’re forced to wonder- we’re huge fans who are heavily influenced by the old SCTV show whenever we make additions on our Online Comedy Album. You trained with Second City. Has the training or the old TV show inspired you in any way?

Avgeropoulos: I went there in High School for a workshop… I’m not really heavily influenced by it simply because I don ‘t remember…

Smartasses: Yeah, it was a stretch because it’s definitely before your time, but you should rent the DVD’s some time. I believe with your sense of humor, you’d dig it, especially the parts that are inherently ‘Canadian’. But let’s segue that into a Saturday Night Live question since that’s probably the closest living facsimile of the old SCTV show. What are your thoughts on that… or… what are your thoughts on the kind of improv comedy that the Second City people do? Any interest in that type of work?

Marie Avgeropoulos - Fifteen More Minutes | Smartasses MagazineAvgeropoulos: I love comedy, and improv. Making viewers laugh is a gift I am proud to share with others whenever given the opportunity. Working on 50/50 with Seth Rogan was a blast because he doesn’t stick to the script in the scenes. We had a lot of room to play around with the comedy. I really enjoyed working with him. In MTV’s The INBetweeners that’ll be premiering this year sometime, I had the chance to show my playful side and stretch my comedic muscles too.

Smartasses: Ah yes. The INBetweeners. The smash hit in the UK that’s now being made domestically by MTV. Is it going to pale in comparison like most American remakes (The Office, The Grudge, My Sassy Girl, etc.) or is it going to improve upon the original like Being Human on SyFy did?

Avgeropoulos: Lots of die-hard fans are hoping MTV does a kick ass job of it, and the writers and producers of it rock. We had a blast shooting the first season over in Orlando, FL. There’s a few tid bits here and there on the internet for you to get specific, but not a ton of info on it because MTV is being secretive, so The INBetweeners is still a bit of a mystery right now. It doesn’t even have an IMDB page yet, but rumor has it that it airs in the Spring-Summer. My character is smart, sassy, and one of the guys. I’ll keep you posted on the season premiere. You can find me in the last three episodes.

Smartasses: Speaking of rumors, rumor has it that you’re doing one or two gigs for the Lifetime Network?

Avgeropoulos: I did a lifetime movie called Walking the Halls that I star in as well. I basically run a high school prostitution ring and play the bad girl. I sniff out the prey of a timid, dorkish girl to show her the glamour of money making in the business… while the high school cop also doubles as the pimp slash manager for the girls. LOL. I know, I know. Don’t laugh…

I also shot another pilot for Lifetime called Fugitive At 17 where I played the lead of the thing- my meatiest, beefiest, baddest-ass role yet (lip ring was a nice touch too). I play a rocker named Holly, wrongfully accused for my best friends murder, on the run, and trying to find the bastard who did it using my computer hacking – sharp wit – genius skills. It was shot as a backdoor pilot, with an alternate ending (one for the movie and another for the pilot). The movie will be airing on Lifetime Movie Network in a few months. If the ratings are good it’ll be picked up for a series, which would be unbelievable. I really like the character. So the more people that watch, the better!

Smartasses: Wow. “One of the guys”. “Badass Rocker Chick” sounds like you’re getting some roles that fit right in your wheelhouse.

Avgeropoulos: LOL. In May I begin shooting a film in Denver, Colorado called A Remarkable Life. I play an alternative gal named Chelsea who rides a Harley and kicks the crap out of a drum kit while finding romance in an unlikely place- with an older man. Duh, match made in heaven? I think so!

Smartasses: Definitely! Well, you knew this was coming- there’s one more project directed by Jason Ensler (Gossip Girl, Chuck, Psych, The West Wing) that a lot of fans are already buzzing about. What can you share?

Avgeropoulos: Yes, I just recently was a part of Cult. I’d tell you more about that one, but I’d have to kill you. But I will keep the folks at Smartasses in the Loop.

There you have it. Remember folks, we called it on Marie back in the Spring of 2010 when we said she was about to take the world by storm, and we weren’t talking about Thunder Bay. Clearly, now that Marie’s Canadian-American papers are in order… well, surely you can see and hear the rumbling in the not-so-distant clouds. By the way, the last name? It’s pronounced with a soft-G. Avgeropoulos = AV-JER-OP-O-LOS. Now you know.


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