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Catching Up With with Captain Schoolgirl. A TV Pilot is in the works, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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Captain Schoolgirl - Fifteen More Minutes | Smartasses MagazineWith Captain Schoolgirl making our Top 50 Sexiest Comic Book Babes of All Time, we were admittedly pretty stoked when we found out that a TV Pilot was in the works, so of course, we ran with scissors… just to bring you the news.

For those who don’t know, Captain Schoolgirl is a student heroine, learning the ropes of crime-fighting within the walls of her Catholic school, Our Lady of Perpetual Bliss. She dons a mask and has razor blade rulers as a weapon of choice. She keeps corrupt teachers and classmates in check, and has a huge stance against bullying. CG actress Satu Runa states, “This is a fantastic universe of characters, and I want to reinvent the entire series. Ultimately I want kids to look up to her. She speaks to teenagers and pre-teens who want to stand up to the corrupt school systems and crazy bullies they deal with on a day to day basis.” Of course, being a schoolgirl doesn’t hurt the older audiences either. But we keep that to ourselves…

The Adventures of Captain Schoolgirl was originally a 5 episode web series starring, written and co-created by Runa, which also starred Sean Pridgeon, Lowrie Fawley, Shane Scott, Mara Lee Gilbert, and Synn The Wrestler. It’s currently only available on DVD, but it started out as a comedic skit for an entertainment show Satu was hosting called “E-Asylum,” broadcast on Comcast locally in Jersey City, NJ. Then, with co-creator Will Finan and artist Fernando Fajardo, Captain Schoolgirl became a full-fledged comic book, which spawned two issues that were sold at the New York Comic Con booth a few times. Satu politely regales us with a tale, “I did signings in Boston and New York and made a decent following of fanboys and girls alike. I even had to have a bodyguard at the con once, certain fans were becoming touchy feely and needed a reminder that Captain Schoolgirl doesn’t take any crap!”

As you probably recall from when she was featured as our October 2011 Hot Chick O’ The Month, Satu (@TheFinalFangirl), is one busy gal who does much more than fight bullies with a ruler and knee socks. She is also a musician, filmmaker, and an actress who not only recently started a video series of Geek Girl film reviews, comic con coverages, hockey related events and general shop-talk about sci-fi and horror topics under the title of The Final Fangirl, she can also be seen in The Coalition, the Terrell Suggs film which debuted in Miami at the ABFF on June 21st, 2012, and premieres in Los Angeles, Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at the Landmark Theater.



Captain Schoolgirl - Fifteen More Minutes | Smartasses MagazineThis is the first TV pilot written by actress Satu Runa (The Coalition, Dawson’s Creek), the co-creator and lead actress of the original Adventures of Captain Schoolgirl (web series, comic book).

“It’s been several years coming… it had to be written because of the fans and the amazing feedback we get at Comic Con. People love this character, and I love playing her. She stands against bullies and that is what kids need to believe in these days. I love Superman and Batman but Captain is a little more grassroots when it comes to crime fighting- it’s happening in every school, and every teen needs a Captain Schoolgirl to watch their back.”

The pilot is currently making smaller studio rounds and attaching experienced sitcom producers.

“It has all the drama of Glee, with the familiar high school scenarios of Mean Girls. We have an explicitly diverse group of characters with all of their own issues needing to be tackled. We all need a hero for a friend and Captain Schoolgirl is the one to be there for you.”

Unlike the previous web series and comic books, the pilot will explore Captain’s origin story as well as a more gritty reality than the campy nature of the comic books. Despite being a comedy, it also hones in on controversial topics such as racism, sexual harassment, and bullying.

“We haven’t completely lost the campiness altogether. I wanted to start over with a more serious, believable tone rather than National Lampoon style comedy. I think Mel Brooks fans would still get a kick out of it, but this version is for modern young adult audiences.”

No stars are attached to play the lead characters as of yet, but offers have been sent out to Jessica Szohr, Olivia Munn, Megan Hilty, and Summer Glau. Satu played the title character for the original web series in 2005-2007, and co-created the character with original writer Will Finan.

“I would love to play her again but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if studios wanted to attach a bigger name. I’d like to cameo as a wacked out art teacher maybe, something fun. But I’m willing to pass the torch so to speak.”


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